Girls Butterfly Halloween Costume

Butterfly CostumesFor girls who are not interested in the Avengers, DC Comics, or Star Wars, there is another lovely costume choice.  These very unique butterfly costumes reflect a love of nature and the real beauty around us everyday.

Most girls love colorful butterflies.  With either of these costumes, they can be a butterfly themselves.  As with real butterflies, the butterfly wing costumes come in a variety of colors.

Because of the variety that is available, a group of friends could dress alike, but still be individuals. Butterfly wraps with fabric that looks like wings would be perfect for a few friends who want to trick or treat together and have coordinating costumes.

Please Note, some of these costumes can take up to 3 weeks to be delivered.  Be sure you order yours early!


Butterfly Costumes

 Genfirdom Girls Unitards Long Sleeve Full Body Leotard KidsCheck PriceThe listing is for the actual butterfly wrap only that is shown in the pictures when you place an order.  Therefore, you will need to buy a butterfly body for the costume separately.  I would recommend a black unitard (like the one on the right) or shirt and leggings to wear with the cape.  Black or brown would best resemble the body of a real butterfly.

The colored wings are only printed on one side of the fabric, but they are quite lovely.  Choose between yellow, purple, blue, orange or multicolored.

I recommended measuring the child to make sure the wrap will not be too long for her to enjoy.  We wouldn’t want any of our little trick or treaters out there tripping and getting hurt.  Costume length from shoulder to floor is approximately 3½ feet long/tall.

Be sure to click on any of the pictures below to see the different colors that are currently available.  We have only 3 of them featured.

 EONGERS Butterfly Wings for Girls Kids Costume Fairy Shawl Festival Rave Dress (Pink and Purple)Check Price JEPOZRA Butterfly Wings Costume for Girls Kid Fairy Wing Halloween Costumes Dress Up ShawlCheck Price EONGERS Butterfly Wings for Girls Kids Costume Fairy Shawl Festival Rave Dress (Blue and Green)Check Price



Butterfly Costumes for Girls