Halloween Pillowcases and Bed Sheets

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My children have always loved Halloween! Part of our annual decorations and preparation for Halloween, is donning our beds with Halloween pillowcases and sheets!

Nothing is more fun than sleeping with bats, or surrounded by ghosts when it is all make believe.

Finding bed sheet sets that are made with Halloween designs is not really very easy, but Halloween pillowcases are plentiful and easy to acquire.

So, we start with making the bed with either black sheets or orange sheets. Then we simply add the pillowcases of choice for each year.

Select Either Black or Orange Sheets

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Set the Color in Sheets

Before you ever make the bed with these new sheets the first time, you will want to set the color in to keep the sheets from fading, Black is especially bad about fading with each wash.

I always set color in my sheets, and clothes, by simply adding 1/2 cup of vinegar to the first wash cycle and washing them in cold, regardless of the manufacturers wash directions. I did this with my sons black sheets and they are still dark black, with no fading, after years of washing.

He actually took his black sheets to his college dorm room and they were washed weekly there. When he moved back home, after 4 years in college, his black sheets are still dark black. Therefore, I swear by vinegar and cold water to set in color.

Now, Select Your Halloween Pillowcases!

Oh, Susannah Halloween Pumpkin Standard Pillowcase (1 20x30 inch, Black)Oh, Susannah Halloween Pumpkin Standard Pillowcase (1 20×30 inch, Black)Check Price

Whether you prefer ghosts, bats, pumpkins, scarecrows or goblins, there are sure to be Halloween Pillowcases that you will love!

Either of these pillowcases would be awesome. You could even mix and match if you have two pillows on your bed. Couples could each choose their favorite and enjoy sleeping with their personal spooky character.

I do recommend prewashing these pillowcases in vinegar as described above, in order to preserve their depth of color and beauty for years.

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Just puts you in the mood for Halloween!