Halloween Rings

Halloween RingsWhether you are wearing Halloween rings to complete a Halloween costume or simply wearing costume jewelry instead of a full costume, Halloween rings are a lot of fun to wear.

There are all kinds of Halloween rings available.  There are some that are featured here that are quite beautiful, some that are rather creepy and others that are downright eerie Halloween rings.  Personally, I love them all!

Wearing Halloween rings to school, work, or just running around town is such a great way to celebrate the holiday all day long!  The rings will draw just enough attention for all of your friends to know you are dressed for the occasion, but they are not so dominate that they will draw unwelcome censure from most employers.

The bracelet ring set shown in the photo would not be the best choice to wear to work or school, but you will definitely find some rings that would be acceptable below.



Perfect Rings for Halloween
Rings with Hinged Lids that Open to
Reveal Secret Compartments


Poison rings have been around for centuries. They are also know as locket rings because they were used throughout history to carry small tokens such as religious relics, tiny portraits or locks of hair. They would be the perfect accessory for a spy, although they would be a pretty obvious hidey-hole to anyone familiar with poison rings or who noticed the hinge.

 Arsimus Openable Casket Ring (Gold)Check Price Poison Locket Seed Pearl Sterling Silver Ring – Dahlia Vintage Collection – This ring has a lace-like design on the face. Simply push the lever to open the top.  When the ring is open, you can see the 8 tiny hearts encircling the inside dome of the ring.Check Price Sub Rosa Poison Ring Size N, US 7 by Alchemy Gothic, EnglandCheck Price



Popular Halloween Rings


Some rings that are popular year round are especially appropriate for Halloween and a fabulous finishing touch for a costume.  These rings may most often be more appropriate for masculine costumes, but there are definitely some sinister feminine costumes that these rings would compliment.

On the Dragonis Celtica Alchemy Gothic Blue Dragon ring, the dragon is hidden under the blue stone, reminiscent of a dragon hidden in the deep blue sea.  When the light shines just right on this ring, you can see the creature revealed.

The Steampunk Eye ring is truly a fantastic piece!  There is a lever on the side of the ring that allows you to cover the eye.  You decide when to show off your third eye and secreted treasure.  Of course, if you prefer, it can be worn with the “eyelid” open at all time too.

The third featured ring is the image of the Grim Reaper who always has his place for Halloween.  He could scare a body half to death all by himself!

 Dragons Celtica Ring Alchemy Gothic, EnglandCheck Price Dragon eye adjustable genuine leather ring. Statement leather finger ring. Horror leather ring. Evil eye ring. Halloween ring. Burning man costumes.Check Price TEMEGO Jewelry Mens Stainless Steel Ring, Gothic Grim Reaper Skull Band, Black SilverCheck Price



Halloween Rings with
A Touch of Elegance  


Almost all women love jewelry and Halloween gives us the perfect opportunity to wear some really fantastic, weird and unusual accessories.  That is provided we need an excuse.  The rings below are wonderful examples of jewelry that would be totally Halloween appropriate and would truly enhance our costumes.

If you happen to dress in the Mysterious Mistress costume featured above, the wristband bracelet with finger ring would be an awesome accessory for the spider web fabric dress.  The climbing spider would be an absolute must for detailing that costume.

The black Rose of Passion rose ring with a single blood drop stone would be a great selection to accent a Vampira costume.

The Cemetery ring or the Moon Phase ring are both beautiful rings with significant meaning.  You don’t really have to believe in time travel or embrace death to appreciate their beauty and have a bit of Halloween fun.

Either of these rings would be an elegant accessory with a sinister connotation.

 Autofor Handmade Craft Retro Vintage Spider Pattern Vampire Accessories Wedding Decorations Holiday Classic Royal Court Palace Romantic Gothic Style Punk Rock Women Lady Girls Lace Chain Wristband Bracelet With Finger Ring And Jewel Jewelry Halloween Decoratioins Present For Costume Ball Fancy Ball Masquerade – BlackCheck Price Ringcrown Black Skull Ring Round Red Cz Womens Wedding Ring Engagement Ring Punk Ring Skeleton RingCheck Price Gothic Black Skull Rings Red Purple Crystal Ring Cocktail Party Halloween Rings for WomenCheck Price Vintage Black Marquise Engagement Ring, Victorian 1 CT Marquise Black Diamond Ring, Filigree Marquise Black Onyx Ring, 925 Sterling Silver RingCheck Price


Selecting the right Halloween jewelry to compliment a costume is part of the fun, as well as providing the finishing touches for a truly hauntingly fabulous Halloween ensemble.  As previously discussed, Halloween rings also provide a way for those of us who have to go to school or work to still get to enjoy a bit of the Halloween celebration.  But, the very best thing about rings, they are easy to slide on and off it you need to remove them for any reason.



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