Vampira Costume for the Female Halloween Vampire

Female Vampire CostumeFemale Vampires are also known as Vampira

Halloween would not be complete without vampires and vampire costumes.  Over the years, they have evolved from pale skinned, fanged villains who attack you during the night, to sparkling, kindhearted protectors who just want to fit in somehow.

Today’s Twilight vampires look very different from Bram Stoker’s Dracula, but regardless of which literary version you prefer, we can all agree that there must be vampires on Halloween.

When the Dracula style vampire dominated Halloween, I never considered what a female vampire would be called.  We simply dressed like vampires with long capes and had a blast.  However, the female vampires of today are called a vampira or vampiress and the Halloween costumes are truly fabulous.

Today’s vampira has a definite allure.  An unchanging, youthful beauty with the agility of a jaguar, the speed of a cheetah, the cunning of a cougar and the beauty of a tiger and she is just as deadly as any of these magnificent beasts.


Blood Thirsty Beauty Vampira Costume

This Vampira costume makes it very easy to slip into the alluring Vampira persona.

The Blood Thirsty Beauty Vampira Costume includes the short red dress with an attached long overlay with puff shoulders and long sheer sleeves  I also features the attached collar and the double-buckled belt.

 California Costumes Women’s Blood Thirsty Beauty Costume, Black/Burgundy, SmallCheck Price




Passion Alchemy Gothic Necklace

 Passion Alchemy Gothic NecklaceCheck Price

Regardless of the costume choice, we always want the right accessories that complete the outfit.  The Passion Alchemy Gothic Necklace is a  Vampira Favorite with it’s blood red faceted teardrop crystal.

This necklace is truly perfect for a vampira costume.  It has a bit of the illusion of blood drops around the neck.

It is made of lead-free fine English pewter.

The “chain” is a double black satin ribbon tie that can be tied to your length of preference up to 24″.

This is truly a stunning necklace that any vampira would be proud to wear.



Poison Locket Ring

Poison Locket Ring
Vampires may not “need” a poison ring to immobilize their victims, but the rings sure are fun to wear!  Like the vampire legacy, a poison ring has its own place in history.

This sterling silver ring features a lever to open and close the poison ring.

Simply release the lever to keep the ring closed.

This marcasite ring is adorned with 32 natural pearls.   A gorgeous ring that will no doubt mesmerize anyone without the need of poison.

 Poison Locket Seed Pearl Sterling Silver Ring (Size 7) – Dahlia Vintage CollectionCheck Price


Authentic Alchemy Gothic Earring

This uniquely designed ‘Rose of Passion’ earring is a black rose that wraps around your ear and leads down to a single crystal ‘blood drop’.  What could be better than a black rose with the illusion of a drop of blood to accessorize a Vampira costume!

The earrings have surgical steel posts and are made of 100% Britannia pewter.  Fabulous design that is hand made in England.

 Rose of Passion (Single) Alchemy Gothic EarringCheck Price


Vampira Wig

For a little extra fun, you may wish to wear this two-tone wig in white blonde and black like the model is wearing above.  The wig is made with white blonde on the top with an underlay of black hair to accentuate the dark make-up choices of a vampire.

 California Costumes Women’s Vampire Vixen Wig,Blonde/Black,One SizeCheck Price


Sexy High Heel Boots

Sexy high heeled black short boots are perfect for today’s modern vampira vampire costume.

Oh, and don’t forget the black fishnet stockings!  Remember, Vampiras are beautifully alluring as well as deadly.

 Jessica Simpson Women’s Layra Fashion Boot, Black, 10 M USCheck Price Classic Seamless Fishnet PantyhoseCheck Price Jessica Simpson Women’s LASNIA, Black, 6 Medium USCheck Price


Black Lipstick or Blood Red Lipstick

Perfect for Vampira Halloween Costume

Select your kiss color!

Either black or blood red lipstick would be perfect for a vampire mark of ownership.  Be sure to add that finishing “touch” with matching nail polish.

 Opi Nail Lacquer, Black Onyx, 0.5 Fluid OunceCheck Price Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers Lipstick – BlackCheck Price Bloody Mary Lipstick Professional Hollywood Quality -Creamy & Long LastingCheck Price China Glaze Nail Polish, High Maintenance, 0.5 Fluid OunceCheck Price




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