Halloween Recipe Cards

Halloween Recipe CardsIf you enjoy sharing your Halloween recipes, one of these fun cards is ideal for you. Those spooky, ghoulish or sweet treats that everyone wants to know your recipe can now be easy with recipe card.

Printed for Easy Sharing

When you have those Halloween parties, and want to share your great ideas and fun recipes, you can do that easier with simple printed recipe cards. Add all your ingredients, directions and other fun information right on line, then order just the quantity you want. Be sure to get one to keep in your own card file or Halloween treats binder, ready for next year’s fun.

Zombie Brains Recipe Card

This one has to be one of my favorites. Zombie brains are always a staple at my Halloween parties. And, yes, I get asked continuously for my recipe. How did I make that great dip, then form it into such a fun look? I tried the Zombie brain recipe card and love it for my own Halloween treats book. But, this year, I’m getting extras so I can hand them out. This one has the fun of the recipe on the back with the cute personal details on the front.

 Spooky Skulls Halloween Recipe CardCheck Price Spooky Magic RecipeCheck Price Cute Pumpkin Recipe CardCheck Price



You have many choices for these great cards. Some work really nicely to even mail out in a post card style. What a fun way to keep in touch with the grandkids. Send them a copy of your favorite Halloween goodies in a postcard. Now what kid wouldn’t love to get that?

Easy to Personalize and Customize

All of these cards are from the talented designers at Zazzle.com. Besides having the fun a unique and interesting recipe card, you also get the ease of ordering from Zazzle. Fill out all your own details, right on line. You can do even more customizing to these cards if you happen to want a bit more. But, you don’t have to. Everything is easy for you to do and get your own printed Halloween recipes. There is no minimum, so you can set up your own Halloween cookbook with all your favorite recipes.

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  1. And, I am always one of those guests who is asking the hostess to share her recipe!

    These recipes cards from Zazzle are the perfect way to share recipes and I love having professionally printed recipe cards! Pencil and pen marks fade over time, but not so these printed recipe cards.

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