Halloween Hard Rock Cafe Pins

Halloween Hard Rock Cafe Lapel Pins are Fabulous Collectibles

Halloween Hard Rock Cafe PinsHalloween Hard Rock Cafe pins are fun, wearable collectibles with exceptional artwork.  Hard Rock Cafe is our favorite place to dine when we travel and our son has been collecting the Hard Rock Cafe pins for years.  The HRC pins are inexpensive souvenirs and are extremely easy to pack in our carry on bags.

Our family has always loved Halloween and Halloween decor.  We also love the Hard Rock Cafe so it is easy to understand why the Halloween Hard Rock Cafe pins are some of his most cherished pins in his Hard Rock Cafe pin collection.


Favorite Halloween Hard Rock Cafe Pins

Halloween Hard Rock Cafe Lapel Pin ~ HRC Guitar with Bat Halloween Pin (shown above)

This is such a beautiful Halloween Hard Rock Cafe lapel pin.  The bat on the guitar is the perfect combination for a Halloween Hard Rock Cafe pin!

These pins are always going to be sold on the secondary market since the pins release dates back to 2006.  It is such an awesome design, so I wanted to be sure and include it here on Halloween Haven.

You will note that my photo in the introduction shows a pin from Phoenix.   The artwork is so fabulous, I personally wouldn’t care what city was engraved on the Halloween pin.


Skulls that Scream Sensational

Hard Rock Cafe pins not only feature great artwork, but the details of the art are not lost when the pins are manufactured.  Look at the sensational outlines and details in these two pins.  It is actually true for all of the HRC pins, I am simpl using these two as examples.
You can clearly see the flames, as well as the horns and teeth on the skull.  Now look closely at the guitar neck.  You can easily make out the frets under the leaves.



Another Marvelous Hard Rock Cafe Coffin with Lapel Pin

This really is a truly marvelous Hard Rock Cafe pin!  There is a spider web on the front of the coffin.  When you open the box casket, you will find the guitar shaped Hard Rock Cafe pin featuring the black spider.

 Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood 1999 Halloween Spider On Web Guitar In Coffin BoxCheck Price



More High Rated Halloween Hard Rock Cafe Pins

From Halloween Pumpkin Skulls to owls and haunted houses, there are so many wonderful Hard Rock Cafe Halloween Pins to choose from.  Because they are so easy to store, they are certainly easy to collect.

Even if you have never visited the specific Hard Rock Cafe in the featured city, sometimes the artwork just “sings” out to you and you must have that pin for your collection.

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