Halloween Contact Lenses

Eerie Contacts for Halloween

Halloween Contact LensesI admit it!  Nothing scares me more than spooky or freaky eyes!  Halloween contact lenses allow anyone to have those blood chilling stares and evil eyes.  These eerie contact lenses are sure to stop hearts with just one glance.

I have always heard the eyes are the windows to your soul.  Needless to say, if you want to appear soulless, you will want the eyes to match.  If you wish to scare the life out of everyone you meet, you will want to include colored contact lenses to complete your Halloween costume.

Horror Within DVD Cover Photo


Most Popular Halloween Contact Lenses

Possessed Halloween Contact Lenses

Few things frighten us more than something or someone we have no control over.

In large part, due to the recent wave of movies about people being demon possessed, the idea of dressing like someone possessed or even like a zombie is extremely popular.  Thus, these contact lenses are among the most popular to wear.

The idea of being possessed, or in the company of someone possessed, truly is among the most frightening of human concerns.  You can complete the “look” with these all black lenses which will give your eyes the appearance of being soulless, possessed or simply purely evil.

Contacts Shown in This Article are for Color Recommendation ONLY. Please Contact Your Eye Doctor for Recommended Manufacturer.



Highest Rated Halloween Contact Lenses

 Maconaz Costumes Women’s Evil Sorceress Adult-Female-LargeCostume Also Available

Sometimes we just want a special, mystifying look.  You desire the kind of eyes that will captivate people and render them unable to look away as the search for the mystical power within you.

These Halloween contact lenses are sure to cast their own spell on everyone at the Halloween party.




Animal Contact Lenses

Werewolf CostumeHalloween Contact Lenses for the Animal in You

There are truly a ton of frightening animal costumes available on the market today that are creepy like the Werewolf costume featured on the right.

When you want to reflect the real “beast” in you, or just look like a real beast, these are the Halloween contacts you will prefer to wear!

The pair of contact lenses in the center below are actually named “Werewolf”.  The yellow color gives that “glowing” effect we associate with creatures of the night.


 Light Brown



 Mens Vampire CostumeClick for Costume Availability
Halloween Contact Lenses for Vampires

Vampires and vampira costumes are another extremely popular costume selection for parties.  We associate the colors of black and red with a vampire because of the dark night and the color of fresh blood.  Of course, we all know vampires can be dressed in any fashion, but they always seem to have those blood red eyes right before they claim a victim regardless of their attire.

Vampires are the epitome of evil and horror!  Perfect for Halloween!

Somehow, looking into these eyes, I do believe the last thing I would say to this creature is “Bite Me!”

 Red Red & White

Get the Look from the Intro Pic

Here are some Halloween Contact Lenses to replicate the eyes in The Horror Within photo in the introduction.

There are so many evil villains costumes that we imagine that have part animal, part human eyes.  What a shame that the most evil among us in real life don’t have eyes like this to warn us all away.

These eyes really do just creep me right out of my skin with their reptile pupils!  Even with that lovely colored iris, they still send shivers down my spin.

You may prefer the yellow and green iris with the elongated pupil in the “Beast” section of the article, but the blue green would also be correct.


 Roma Costume 1 Piece Native American Temptress
Tempting Halloween Contact Lenses

At every great Halloween party, there is always a temptress that beckons us to enter her world.

Not all of us are born with that “look”, but we can all get it with the help of these lenses.

These contacts would be appropriate for a variety of Halloween costumes.  I would love to hear what costume you will be wearing with these lenses.  I am sure they would be a beautiful accessory for lots of dazzling costumes. 

Your friends will be envious of the attention these “eyes” are sure to garner.

 Green Blue Brown




There are actually hundreds of Halloween, Special Effect, FX, Theatrical & Novelty Contact Lenses available online today.  I have only featured a portion of them in this article.


Notes for Non-Contact Lens Wearers

If you do not normally wear contact lenses, there are a few things you should consider and there are additional products you will need prior to wearing these contacts for Halloween.

First, you will need to practice putting in the contacts and wearing them.  Start with wearing them for only 30 minutes at a time.  You will need to build up to adjusting to contact lenses over a period of days, weeks would be better if you have the time.  Don’t think you can just pop them in on Halloween and wear them for hours.  They will irritate you eyes if you are not accustomed to wearing contacts.

You will also need a contact case and contact solution.  Check with you own eye doctor for a solution recommendation.

  • Do not use water on your contact lenses.
  • Do not sleep in your contacts.
  • Be sure to take the contact case with you on Halloween in case you need to remove the lenses quickly.  I have personally found that smoke filled rooms will cause my own contacts to dry out faster.  The quickest way to relief when that happens, is to simply remove and store the contact lenses in their case with a contact soaking solution.

You may also wish to ask you eye doctor about recommending rewetting drops for contact lenses.  I can’t use them myself, but most contact lens wearers rely on the relief they can provide.

Wearing these colored contacts for Halloween can be lots of fun, but do be sure to properly care for the lenses and to use precautions to protect your eyes.