Bewitched Barbie Collector Doll Samantha for Halloween

Bewitched BarbieI have been collecting Barbies all of my life and the Halloween Barbies are definitely among my favorites in my collection.

Since I also loved the television show “Bewitched” when I was a little girl, the Bewitched Barbie was definitely an absolute must for my Barbie collection.  As all Barbies, the Bewitched Barbie is beautifully detailed. 

You could even say she is bewitching.



Bewitched Barbie Collector Dolls

There are 2 versions of the Bewitched Samantha Barbie, both are lovely and equally desirable for a Barbie collection.

 Barbie Bewitched Collector Doll SamanthaCheck Price

This Samantha Collector Barbie Doll closely resembles Elizabeth Montgomery and is dressed in a replica of the costume Samantha wore in the animated opening at the beginning of each Bewitched episode. Her costume includes the black dress, a red lined cape, black high heels and of course, her broom.

Unlike most Barbies, Samantha, this Bewitched Barbie, wears a wedding ring. For those of us who love the show will know just how important that wedding ring is to Samantha, so it was very appropriate for Mattel to include that detail on this Collector Barbie.

 Barbie Collector Bewitched Samantha DollCheck Price

This is the more recent Mattel release of the Bewitched Barbie.

She has an updated hair style and dress, even though they still elected to use the vintage Barbie face.

They are both beautiful Barbie dolls. It is simply a matter of which one you prefer, if not both, to add to your own personal collection.


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  1. Susan says:

    How great to discover the Samantha Barbie! I had no idea she was available. I also loved Bewitched and even watched some on the daytime reruns. The Samantha Halloween Barbie will make a great addition to my own collection.

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