Personalized Halloween Treat Bags

Halloween Treat BagsWhat kid wouldn’t love to have their own name on their treat bag? These Halloween goody bags are easy to personalize and get that perfect addition for all the kids that will have a fun collection of treats by the time Halloween is over.

Personalized Treat Bags for Halloween

Whether you have one child and just want that something special for them, or you have several children and want to easily identify their treat bags, adding their names is the perfect solution. Kids who will be participating in Halloween parties at school or day care will also want an easy way to identify their own goodies when it comes time for the party and to go home. These treat bags are some of my favorites.


Easy Personalizing and Easy Ordering

One of the best things about these treat bags is that they come from It’s a site that makes adding your child’s name easy. For many designs, it’s just a matter of typing it in. For others, you have many other customizing options. You can position the name around the design however you like, change the font, size, even the letter colors. Then it’s simply a matter of placing the order. Zazzle’s shipping is quick with plenty of time to have your child’s goody bag in time for Halloween.

Quality Construction Yet Affordable

Whether you like to chose new ones each year, or have a bag that can last many years, the treat bags from Zazzle are perfect. They aren’t so expensive that you can’t add a new one each year, but they will also last for years to come. Not to mention that you get the benefit of the talented designers from all over the world. And they are sure talented when it comes to Halloween designs.

So have some fun this year and get a personalized goodie or treat bag for your child. You might also want one just for you to carry all your extras when you go out trick or treating with the kids. They come in lots of sizes just perfect for any Halloween event.