Avengers Halloween Costumes for Boys

Avengers Costumes for BoysIt comes as no surprise that, once again, Avengers costumes for boys are hot for Halloween.  Every boy wants to play the superhero.  The hard part is deciding which superhero.

For years, we have had a list of beloved Avenger’s costumes that include Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Spiderman and the Incredible Hulk.  Thanks to the movies released in 2018, we have four more really popular superheroes to add to our choice. 

Both the Black Panther and Ant Man are totally awesome.  Plus, after the release of Avengers:  Infinity War, we have a much greater appreciation for Vision.  No doubt, there will be a few guys out there who opt to be Vision for Halloween.  And, lest we forget, we all love Doctor Strange.

Any of these costumes would be awesome for Halloween. 

The Avengers costumes would also make a wonderful group choice for a party of guys.  There are even a few Avenger costumes for girls, but they are not included in this article.


Traditional Avenger’s Halloween Costumes

As stated in the introduction, the popular Avenger costumes have been around for a few years.  However, they are still highly sought after and fun to wear.  After all, this might be the first year your little superhero has had an opportunity to dress like an Avenger.

Captain America, Iron Man, Spiderman, Thor and the Hulk are always in style.

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More Recent Avenger’s Halloween Costumes

Perhaps your superhero has already dressed as the characters above in previous years.  He may still wish to be a superhero, but he may choose one that has not been on the scene as long.  These costumes include Black Panther, AntMan and Vision.

Order them today to make sure you get everything you need, before the rush hits!

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Doctor Strange Costume for Kids

At Halloween Haven, we expect Doctor Strange to also be extremely popular.  However, a Doctor Strange costume is not yet available for kids.  Therefore, we must “make” our own.  Here is what we recommend.

Select a red cape with a stand up collar, similar to the one featured below.  Depending on the height of the child, the cloak may need to be hemmed.  If you are not comfortable hemming a cape, you can use iron-on bond tape and literally iron the hem in (shown below).  You will also need the Doctor Strange necklace and ring (shown below).  The jewelry and cape alone will go a long way in creating a Doctor Strange costume.  Select a long blue duster similar to the one shown below and finish off the costume with a wide black belt.

You may need to go into the women’s clothing line to find something suitable, but you don’t have to tell your little Doctor Strange that tidbit of information.  Mum’s the word!

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If you can afford it, this full Cosplay costume is fabulous!

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