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Halloween Candy Bowls

I enjoy being surrounded by strange things on Halloween.  I love all of the Halloween yard decorations, spider webs, bats, ghosts and goblins.  I love all of the different costumes and scary lighting effects.  I especially like to have a unique and special candy bowl to hold the candy for the trick or treaters.

Over the years, I have alternated bowls.  Some years I use a pretty ceramic bowl and other years I use a scary candy bowl.  Either way, I want a candy bowl that screams Halloween.  Now that I think about it, I believe my parents once had a candy bowl that really did scream.


A Pretty Halloween Candy Bowl

 MACKENZIE-CHILDS Courtly Check Cauldron, Halloween Candy Bowl and Home DecorCheck Price

This is a really pretty Halloween candy dish is a unique design featuring a black & white pot sitting on a pair of fanciful orange witch’s shoes

This candy bowl is 10″ wide overall and 9 3/4″ tall.

This bowl would not only be pretty when handing out trick or treat candy, but it would also be lovely on your Halloween dinner table or party buffet.

Here are a few more Halloween candy bowls that would be lovely additions to Halloween decor. The are definitely Halloween, but are also rather attractive designs. Not everything has to be spooky to be fun for Halloween.

 Plow & Hearth Ceramic Pumpkin Candy DishCheck Price LFUTARI Glass Halloween Candy Bowl-Spider Web Candy Bowl Candy DishCheck Price ADMDC Halloween Dog Candy Bowl Stand, Resin Material, Outdoor and Indoor UseCheck Price


Decorate & Serve with a Ghost Candy Bowl

 Rubies Halloween Decor Candy Holder and Bowl, GhostCheck Price

Halloween would not seem complete without a ghost in the house!

Set this ghost on your table or at the door for trick or treaters. With his funny face and colorful design, he is sure to be adored by all.

The ghost, himself, is crafted from a heavy duty foam and he holds a removable plastic bowl. I normally would prefer a glass bowl, but when decorating for Halloween I do find the plastic bowls to be a better choice. They are much less likely to get broken and there is sure to be a great deal of activity around a Halloween candy bowl.


Animated Halloween Candy Bowls

The animated candy bowls are always a riot on Halloween because they will interact with you and your guests. Some seem to reach out and grab you, some make eerie noises or talk, but my personal favorites are the ones that do all of it.

 Animated Monster Hand in Orange Bowl (Standard)Check Price Sliner 2 Pack Halloween Candy Bowl Witch Candy Bowl and Skull Candy Bowl with LED Eyes and Creepy Sound (Sound Activated)Check Price Weduspaty Halloween Candy Bowl, Animated Candy Dish with Motion Activated SensorCheck Price