Halloween Charming Tails

 Halloween Charming Tails figurines are among my favorites of the Charming Tails collections by Dean Griff.  I have been collecting Charming Tails mice figurines for nearly 20 years and I love displaying them with my holiday decorations.  When the holiday is over, I place them back in the curio cabinet for safe keeping, but each year we celebrate Halloween together.

The Halloween Charming Tails have been a part of the new Charming Tail releases each year, almost since the very beginning with pumpkins, ghost and witch figurines.  They are all adorable and creative!

For many years, my family has given me a couple of the new annual Halloween Charming Tails releases as a special Halloween treat.  Each one is very special to me, not only because I love the little mice, but because my family makes special gift selections just for me.

Charming Tails have gone through a few changes over the years, but they have always been cute and fun to collect.  One of the notable changes happened several years back when they changed the looks of the mice.  The original Charming Tails mice had longer noses.  Later dated Charming Tails have a shorter nose and a more rounded face.  Personally, I love and collect them all.  I will do my best to try to include some of the older figurines here so you can compare and see the difference yourself.

Now, let me show you some of my favorite Halloween Charming Tails.


Charming Tails Halloween Ghost

Happy Spirit
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Dressed as a ghost, MacKenzie can “haunt” your home in adorable style!

You Can’t Hide a Happy Spirit Mouse Ghost!

I absolutely love this little Charming Tails Halloween Mouse Ghost that was released in 2011!

Charming Tails figurines are usually approx 4″ tall and are the perfect size for end table knick-knacks or decorative pieces for book shelves.

Personally, I have a two curio cabinets just for my Charming Tails collection.  The glass cabinets help protect my figurines from dust.  Of course, dust still manages to find it’s way into the cabinets, but I usually only have to dust them every four or five months instead of once a week.


Charming Tails Candy Corn Vampire Figurine

Candy Corn Vampire
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Who wouldn’t be entertained by this cute little couple playing “vampire” with Candy Corn fangs!  Everyone will be delighted by Maxine and MacKenzies Halloween antics.  They really are like two children playing together with their Halloween trick or treat candy.

The Candy Corn Vampire Charming Tails figurine was introduced in 1995 and retired in 1997.  It is currently available on several of the popular secondary markets.  However, it is highly unlikely that you will find one that has never been displayed, but it is entirely possible that you could get one that is still in excellent condition, mint condition in it’s original box.


Halloween Charming Tails in Costumes

Maxine and MacKenzie Mouse dress up for Halloween!  They are kind of funny too because they dress “in” their treats!  Apples, Pumpkins and Acorns serve as the perfect costumes for little Charming Tails mice, which makes them the perfect treat for us.

 Roman Charming Tails Sometimes I Even Scare Myself Ghost Mouse Halloween Figurine NewCheck Price Roman – Charming Tails Collection, Mouse with Pumpkin Figure, 3.25Check Price


One of the things I like best about Charming Tails is the wide variety of designs.  They always come up with some of the most unique ideas for new figurines.  Each year I think they simply cannot get any cuter, but they always surprise me with something fabulous.


Halloween Franken-Mouse and Bride Of Franken-Mouse Charming Tails

Halloween Charming Tails Couple (sold separately)

When it comes to Halloween fun, Maxine and MacKenzie know how to dress in Halloween style.  This couple would bring any party to life.  As Frankenstein and the bride of Frankenstein, they simply cannot be stopped!  I have to say, the bride of Frankenstein figurine is hilarious.  I think Madeline Kahn would be proud.

Note: These Charming Tails are only available on secondary market sites. Click HERE to check Availability.

You’re Too Sweet To Resist Charming Tails – Halloween Charming Tails

We all must take time for a special treat on Halloween!

One look at this delicious cookie and like all good mice, our furry friend said, “You’re Too Sweet To Resist”.  Plus, he just looks so happy to be eating that cookie!  I also thought it was a cute idea for Halloween cookies.

 You’re Too Sweet To Resist ……. 4023627 by Charming Tails by Dean GriffCheck Availability



Let’s Scare Up Some Fun with this Fabulous Charming Tails Scare-ousel

Charming Tails Halloween Scare-ouselEven mice like to “Scare Up Some Fun” with their friends on Halloween and they enjoy having their own little Halloween Haven.

Joined by a variety of other costumed animals, there is truly no limit to the amount of mischief a mouse can get into.

You may already suspect, but this is one of the larger Charming Tail figurines.  It actually stands over 8″ tall.  It is a musical carousel of Charming Tails mice.  I display it on my dining room table through the entire month of October and I am always loathe to remove it when it is time to decorate for Christmas.

If you can only have one Halloween Charming Tails, this would be the one since it has several miniature Charming Tail mice that form the carousel that moves as the music is playing.

This particular Charming Tail is not as easy to find.   If you want one, I recommend you purchase it upon discovery.

Charming Tails Carosel
The back side of the Scare-ousel carousel.
As always, a tremendous amount of attention to detail.
It even has a tombstone!

I have added a feed to show here if there are any currently available on Ebay.

An Awesome Autumn Charming Tails

You can celebrate autumn as well as Halloween with this adorable figurine.   This figure brings back memories of selecting our own pumpkins from the pumpkin patch and of the fun hay rides during the cooler months of fall.

The name alone makes it one of my favorites.  I know from experience how quickly our little pumpkins become big ones.

little pumpkin becomes big
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Wanna Sweet Little Love Bite Charming Tails

Everyone will want a sweet little bite from this adorable vampire!

I was quickly charmed by this little guy and I have no doubt you will succumb to his cuteness too.

There is a figurine of the Charming Tails Dracula, but the featured item here is a lapel pin for those of us who enjoy wearing our Halloween Charming Tails too.  He makes a fun little accessory to add to our wardrobe.

MacKenzie as Dracula
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Hocus Pocus Charming Tail

Before you go, please allow me to present you with a little Hocus Pocus!

Even the frog looks quite happy to be “enchanted” by MacKenzie.  It appears as if he is a perfectly willing test subject for her spells and hocus pocus.

Or, wait!   Could it be that MacKenzie Mouse has already turned Maxine Mouse into a frog!!!

I guess how you see this one is really up to you.

 Hocus Pocus #85880Check Availability


Why So Grim?

Last, but by not means least, we see MacKenzie trying to cheer up the Grim Reaper.

This one is so perfect for Halloween!

 ENESCO Charming Tails Halloween Why So Grim Figurine, 3.5-InchCheck Availability

I hope you enjoyed your visit with these mice.

To see more that are currently available, simply click the following link:

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