Fabulously Scary Halloween Window Posters

Halloween WindowsHalloween window posters are a fantastic way to make your house appear to be haunted without having to invite ghouls and goblins to take up residence in your home.  The posters are easy to use.  Simply hang them with double sided adhesive or tape and let the fun begin.  When Halloween is over and you are ready to remove your Halloween window posters, simply pull the off, fold them and store until next year.

The posters are reusable year after year, but you will most likely need to replace the adhesive squares each Halloween.  Move them from one window to another each year so neighbors still get the initial shock value of seeing them in your home.


Scary Halloween Window Posters

If you really wanna scare the socks off of neighbors and guests, then put up these scary window posters that are back-lit with lights inside your house.  Either of the sets below are large enough to fit standard size windows and make huge displays.  They can be slightly trimmed if needed.  If the posters aren’t quite large enough, simply hang black trash bags to cover the edges.  Just make sure you don’t cover the center image area.  You will want the light to shine through.

 Window Poster Halloween Yellow Cat Eyes by WOWindows USA-made Decoration Includes 2 Reusable 34.5”x60Check Price WOWindow Posters Jason Voorhees Friday the 13th Halloween Window Decoration includes 34.5Check Price


Zombies Window Posters

Zombies are another great option. These two posters give the appearance that you have zombies trapped inside your home trying to get out to enjoy their own Halloween feast.

The zombie posters are not back-lit.  Therefore, you would need to shine light on them, or cut them out for a silhouette effect at night. Of course, they can easily be seen during the day.

 Bundle: 2 Items – Zombie Window Clings
2.5 ft. wide & 5 ft. tall – and Free Spider Web
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