Halloween Puzzles

Halloween PuzzlesFor those of us who no longer trick or treat, but sit by the door waiting for the trick or treaters, there are Halloween puzzles.

It seems like the Halloween trick or treaters come in waves with a lot of down time between their visits.  During that down time, I always wonder what I should be doing.  It’s not like I can sit back and enjoy a movie.  No, that would be continuously interrupted.

So what can be interrupted without being ruined?

A Halloween puzzle!


Puzzles for Halloween Fun

Puzzles often have such pretty artwork.  It is simply fun to watch the image take shape and to have the picture develop right before your eyes.

It is even more fun if you grab a friend, your spouse or your child and make the puzzle together.  The hardest part will be deciding who gets to keep the finished puzzle.

Since puzzles can be glued together after they are finished, they also make lovely Halloween artwork or decor for many years to come.  If you made you puzzle with a loved one, it also serves as a reminder of time spent together creating a beautiful keepsake.

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