Halloween Storage Boxes

Halloween Storage Box - Purple & BlackOnce Halloween is over, our minds immediately turn to needing to store our fabulous Halloween decorations safely for next year.

First, we want to select a storage box that will protect our decorations from those real critters, the weather, and dust.  Second, we want to be able to easily identify our Halloween storage boxes next year.  And, of course, we want a box that is easy to carry.

Your Halloween Haven hostesses have found the perfect Halloween storage boxes for you!


Sterilite Purple & Black Latch Storage Box

We never want to leave our Halloween decorations out in the open without protection.  And, there is no need to store you Halloween decorations in bags or cardboard boxes that easily tear apart or are ruined when they get wet.  This purple large container with a black lid is ideal for being able to quickly identify your Halloween storage boxes.  You can safely combine all of your Halloween decorations inside these boxes and stack them in your attic, basement, garage or storage room.  Next year, when you bring the boxes out, your decorations will be clean and ready to use once again.

Sorry, but the purple storage boxes shown above are not available at this time. Perhaps, you would like these clear storage boxes with purple handles for your Halloween decorations & costumes. The purple handles will still indicate “Halloween” at a glance.

 Sterilite 17571706 66 Quart/62 Liter ClearView Latch Box, Clear Lid & Base w/ Sweet Plum Latches, 6-PackCheck Price


The Sterilite boxes are transparent so you can easily see the contents of the box.  Plus, they have snap lock latches that hold the top securely in place.   These boxes are easily stackable too should you require more than one box to hold your Halloween decorations.

These boxes also make a great way to store costumes with all of their accessories together.  You could even include the shoes in the box for safekeeping and easy access.

Each transparent purple and black Halloween storage box is 24½”L x 17¾”W x 13”H.

Halloween Storage Box

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Because everyone wants to safely protect their favorite Halloween decorations. You could even fold and store costumes in these boxes!

Halloween Storage Boxes for Halloween Decorations



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  1. I never thought about storing holiday decorations in a color-coordinated container. I’ve used Sterilite plastic bins for years to store my yarns and crochet inventory, but didn’t think about using them for holiday storage. My daughter-in-law LOVES to decorate for all holidays, but moreso for Halloween than any other time of year. Of the boxes of decorations she has, maybe 3 or 4 have Easter or Christmas decor. More than a dozen boxes hold her Halloween decorations! 🙂 I’ll definitely have to tell her about these plastic bins in Halloween colors. She’ll be able to tell instantly which ones hold her Halloween decorations! 🙂

  2. PS: Also, my DIL’s favorite color happens to be Purple! 🙂

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