Parents can Dress Up While Trick or Treating Too!

parent adult dress up ideasWhen are kids are little (and not so little) our time is spent getting together their Halloween costumes, accessories and trick or treat bags. A lot of the time we put ourselves on the back burner when it come to dressing up. However, our kids LOVE it when mom and/or dad dress up for Halloween trick or treating.

Here, I have gathered a few suggestions for simple, easy and affordable ways to join in the fun with your kids this Halloween season!

Glowing Halloween

One very simple and affordable way to join the fun is to use glow products. You wouldn’t believe all the different items you can get now that glow in the dark. For him, her and anyone that doesn’t want to go to the expense or trouble of a full costume, you can still give yourself and eerie glow!

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This is actually a win-win situation when it comes to safety too! One or more people glowing in your group will let drivers and other trick or treaters see you better — so less likely to have accidents. Safety first every Halloween!

The glow earrings are a favorite of mine. I do have long hair so I usually put it up in a pony tail or with a clip so that they will show. They are a simple and easy accessory that you can wear with anything to dress it up!

The fiber optic hair lights are so much fun! you can wear your hair down and attach the barrette anywhere on your head you like. Guys can too, or attach them to your clothing. It’s up to you!

I did buy these devil headbands one Halloween when we were walking with a group. All the adults wore them. The glowed nicely and let the kids know where we were at all times by just looking for the glowing devil horns! These are really great.

Other Ideas for Parents to Dress Up

If you’d rather not glow in the dark, you can try one of these options to add a bit of fun into your trick or treating duties.

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Aren’t these fun?

My sister bought this exact witches hat when her daughter went trick or treating for the first time. Her daughter is now 16 but she brings it out each year anyway to “get into the spirit of the holiday”. It so cute, fun and she gets tons of compliments wherever she wears it.

Now, this is a t-shirt costume my husband has — Superman. The kids LOVED it (especially when they were in their superhero phases) when he would wear this around the neighborhood while he took them trick or treating. The cape is attached to the t-shirt so you won’t have to worry about misplacing it. Aren’t all dads “Superman”?

Making Memories for Halloween

Your kids will love that you went to the trouble of finding something to wear. And, you won’t have to worry about watching the kids while trekking around in a cumbersome, full costume.  The best of both worlds!

Masks, hats, glow items and t-shirts are the easiest, most simple way to join the kiddies in dressing up this Halloween. Which is your favorite idea?