Unique Halloween Decorations: Beverage Bottle Labels

Halloween Beverage LabelsIf you want to do something unique and different for your Halloween party decorations, try out these ghoulish wine bottle labels. All designed just for the fun of Halloween brews, they make a fun addition to your party foods.

Beverages and Food in Eeek! Style

When you are planning your Halloween party, you tend to plan the menu for foods that will look appropriately gory, ghoulish or gruesome. Things like severed fingers and Zombie brains are always great ideas for Halloween party food. Now your can make up your beverages to seem just as perfect for the party.

Halloween Beverage Bottle Labels


These delightful labels for bottles of just about any kind of drink that you may want to serve make your Halloween funky and more complete. Whether you want the poisoned drink idea, the witch’s brew theme, or just want some thing cute to decorate those beverage bottles, these would make great decorations.

Each design comes on a sheet of 8 labels, so you have plenty for your party guests bottles. These are Avery Labels that are designed by the talented artists at Zazzle and printed through the Zazzle quality on-demand print process. You know the colors, the text and the design will be true. There is no minimum number of sheets, so you can pick a number of different designs for all your different beverage options.

Create Your Own Bottle Labels

If you have an artistic talent yourself, or have the perfect image for your party, you can create your own bottle labels, too. Zazzle makes it easy for you to load any image you want, or customize an image that’s already there.

One truly fun idea is to take one of the designs and customize it for your own party. Add your Halloween name, like Mysterious Mitchell or Witch Betty, and then add your own beverage name. Sewer Water Brew, Coffin Seepage, or Dragon’s Snot to suggest just a few. It’s so easy that even a little creative bent on your part can go along way toward that truly unique Halloween decoration.

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  1. Mandee says:

    This Halloween party idea is too much fun! I just love using the labels for wine, beer or even water and soda bottles! Zazzle sure makes it easy!

  2. What a really fun addition to the Halloween party table! I have used decorative labels on my homemade jelly jars and they are awesome. I will definitely be adding the beverage bottle labels to my list of Halloween party supplies.

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