Girls Costumes — Peacock

I do love Halloween! The major part of the fun for me (aside from Halloween parties), is finding just the right costume.

I like new, different, unique costumes and this little girls’ Peacock costume fits the bill perfectly!

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Little Girls Want Beautiful Costumes

Every little girl has been a princess, queen, fairy or one of those other very pretty costumes at one time or another. This peacock costume gives them beauty in a different sort of a package.

Peacocks are one of nature’s most gorgeous creatures. It only seems natural that little girls would love to don the peacock’s colors and flair for Halloween. The blues and greens look equally beautiful whether your little girl is blond, brunette, black or a redhead.

Make Your Peacock Unique

girls peacock make-upThere are many ways to take this basic peacock costume and dress it up so it is unique to each little girl. Halloween costume accessories are the way to go.

Things like face paint, glittery shoes, green or blue colored hair extensions, leggings (if it’s cold out) and more can make it different from any other peacock little girl you might run across while trick or treating.

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What’s Included with the Costume

The costume comes complete with the dress and the plumed hairpiece and is available in small, medium and large girls sizes. It features wristlets to wear around her wrists that connect to the beautiful peacock plume at the back of the dress. As she spreads her arms the plume skirt attachment comes to life in all it’s glory — just like a real peacock.

Around the back of the neck is a mix of colored shimmer organza like fabric cut with points to further the “bird feathers” effect.

Just add shoes, make-up and any other accessory your little peacock wants and you are all set for trick or treating.

Why I like the Peacock Costume

One of the main reasons I like the peacock costume for a little girl (besides the fact that it is beautiful), is that no mask is required. I love costumes that don’t need them or that urge the use of make-up instead of a mask. To me, it just a much safer way to enjoy Halloween.If you want or need more ideas for Halloween costumes, be sure to visit the article in that category here on Halloween Haven.

Happy Halloween!