Scary Foods for Halloween — Blood Shot Deviled Eggs

blood shot deviled eggs recipe 1I love to make scary, creepy foods for my Halloween parties.

If I am not hosting one, I will take some scary, creepy foods to the party I am attending. It’s just the good manners my mom drilled into me growing up.

Blood Shot Deviled Eggs is my favorite thing to make for a  Halloween party.


Here’s my recipe:


Blood Shot Deviled Eggs Ingredients & Equipment


Ingredients –

  • 1 Dozen Eggs (makes 24 total), cooked and peeled
  • 1/2 cup of Mayonaise
  • 1 tsp white vinegar
  • 1 tbls yellow mustard
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • green liquid food coloring
  • Sliced black olives
  • tube of red gel cake icing


  • medium mixing bowl
  • fork
  • egg platter
  • electric mixer
  • pastry bag or zippered quart size sandwich bag


Making the Blood Shot Deviled Eggs

  1. Cut eggs in half, lengthwise and remove the yolks into a mixing bowl
  2. Place shells on an egg platter
  3. Mash the yolks with a folk. They will still be lumpy but we want the round shapes from boiling to be gone.
  4. Add the mayo, mustard and vinegar and mix well with your fork.
  5. Add salt and mix another minute or so with your fork.
  6. Add three drops of green food coloring. Mix with electric mixer to blend well.
  7. If the color is not green enough for you, add additional drops of green food coloring one at a time until you have the green color you want. Remember, one drop at a time after the inital 3. It’s much easier to add more than take away color that is too dark. I like a sort of lime green, monster color for mine.
  8. Place mixture in pastry bag with round tip or sandwich bag and cut a hole in one corner.
  9. Hold bag over an egg shell. I use the squeeze, lift, squeeze lift method until shell is full. Fill all shells.
  10. Open and drain sliced black olives.
  11. Place one in the center of the egg mixture on each shell.
  12. Open red gel cake icing and fill the center of the black olive with the red icing on each egg.
  13. Now, using the red gel again, draw 3 squiggly lines from the egg mixture toward the end of the pointy egg shell. Do this for each eggs.

And there you have it! Blood Shot Deviled Eggs for your Halloween party or to take to a Halloween party!


Displaying your Blood Shot Eggs

I used an egg platter that was open in the center for my eggs. But, any type of egg platter will work. Trying to use a regular, non-sectioned platter for the eggs never works right. The move around too easily, slipping and sliding their way all over the platter.

Here are some that I recommend to use anytime you make deviled eggs — blood shot or not!

 Zak Designs 12-inch White Melamine Egg TrayCheck Price Anchor Hocking Company 86148 10Check Price


Here are a couple of photos of the Blood Shot Deviled Eggs on a buffet table.

blood shot deviled eggs 1


blood shot deviled eggs 2Happy Halloween!

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  1. These are fantastically disgusting and I bet they are delicious! The perfect Halloween recipe! I love deviled eggs and I can definitely see the “devil” coming out in these 😀

    A most excellent addition to my Halloween recipes and food file!

  2. Susan says:

    Oh, my – what a fun and easy way to get those funky Halloween foods. There is always room for deviled eggs at any party but to dress them up as eyeballs, and monster eyeballs, too. Just great!

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