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Halloween Bracelets are the Perfect Accessory for Halloween

Bracelets for Halloween
The Betsey Johnson “Creep Show” Featured Below

I have always loved special occasion bracelets.  Since Halloween is my favorite “special occasion”, it seems quite fitting that I would desire a vast collection of Halloween bracelets.  Not only are they a great way to accessorize your costume, but  Halloween bracelets are simply a lot of fun to wear in celebration of the occasion, even when a full costume would not be appropriate.

Throughout the day, many of us have to go to school, work, the grocery store and many places where a costume would simply be too much, but a “creepy” or decorative bracelet would be perfectly acceptable and a great way to accessorize for Halloween!

There are several styles, designs, figures and charms that are totally appropriate for Halloween.  Some seem special made just for the occasion, even if they are normally categorized as everyday wear.  There is also quite a variety of settings, gems, colors and metals used to creates these fabulous Halloween bracelets.

Wearing Halloween jewelry is such a great way to celebrate Halloween all day long!




Charm bracelets have always been extremely popular!  These Halloween charm bracelets would be lovely with any daytime outfit and a great way to celebrate Halloween all day long.

Choose between the bracelet that is decorated with charms, or the more traditional style charm bracelet that allows you to add the individual beads and charms you prefer.


 Betsey JohnsonCheck Price Parmuz Halloween Pumpkin Charms Ghost Black Cat Cross Charm Sterling Silver 925Check Price


The Betsey Johnson “creep show” bracelet is fabulous!  The intricate detail and combination of beads, charms, chains and netting creates a real masterpiece in jewelry.  Everyone should own at least one Betsey Johnson creation.

The individual charm shown above can be added to one of the popular Pandora bracelets, or you could make you own bracelet style with a different bracelet or cording.  Hang it together with more charms to make a beautiful bracelet, or wear only the one charm at a time.  The options are really quite vast with charms.




Bat bracelets are down right fun!  Some people are pretty freaked out by bats, which makes them the perfect accessory for Halloween.   They would be especially fun to wear during the day with our regular cloths.  No one will be expecting to see a bat in the place.

These bat bracelets are extraordinary.   I personally wouldn’t mind owning all of them.  Which one I would wear at any given time, would depend on if I was accessorizing a costume, or simply wearing beautiful Halloween jewelry.

 AXELUNA Bat Ring Sterling Silver Gothic Jewelry Gift for Women Men GirlsCheck Price Alchemy Gothic Viennese Nights Scroll Bat Ribbon BraceletCheck Price SENFAI Silver and Gold Plated Vampire Bats Wiring Bracelet Adjustable Expandable Wire Bangles (Silver Color)Check Price





Spider jewelry seems a bit more appropriate for wearing with a costume.  However, these particular bracelets are pretty enough to wear with anything and would certainly be particularly fun when someone realizes you are wearing a sparkling spider!

These spider bracelets are quite different in appearance even though they share the arachnid appeal.  The rhinestone spider is amazingly inexpensive for all of that fabulous detail and sparkle.  It is available in several different colors.  The leather bracelet is also quite reasonably priced.

 Vintage-ish Creepy Halloween Crystal Rhinestone Spider Bracelet Bangle Cuff GREYCheck Price Xusamss Punk Rock Alloy Spider Bracelet Drawstring Rope Leather Bracelet,7-8inchesCheck Price





Snakes have certainly found their place on a ladies arm on Halloween!

The rhinestone snake bracelet is almost too pretty to be a snake.  Because of the way a real snake wraps around or coils, the snake bracelet looks very natural on your wrist.  The rhinestones make this guy a very elegant creature.

The finger ring and chain bracelet would be quite eye-catching and the rhinestone snake will definitely wrap himself around your heart, as well as your wrist.  You may well find yourself wearing him for more than just Halloween.

 Goldtone Snake Adjustable Finger Ring and Hand Chain BraceletCheck Price Snake Bracelets Adjustable Snake BraceletCheck Price YACQ Women’s Crystal Stretch Snake Bracelet Fit Wrist Size 6-1/2 to 8 InchCheck Price




The upper arm bracelets are often worn with Egyptian costumes, but they would easily add a bit of dazzle to several other styles.  This particular choice would be pretty with a mermaid or dancers costume as well.

 Avalaya Greek Style Swirl Upper Arm, Armlet Bracelet In Rhodium Plating – 27cm L – AdjustableCheck Price




Skulls are quite naturally a part of Halloween, as well as a popular everyday trend in jewelry.  Again, your choice is going to largely depend on whether you plan to wear you bracelet often after Halloween, if you are planning to wear it as part of a costume, or if you want to simply accessorize your daily wear with a fun Halloween bracelet at work, school or fun.

 Black Obsidian Bracelet – Skull Bracelet – Tourmaline Beaded BraceletsCheck Price COOLSTEELANDBEYOND Mens Stainless Steel Large Skull Link BraceletCheck Price


Halloween should always be about fun!  Even if you have to work or go to school, perhaps you can add this simple touch of Halloween to your daily apparel and feel more festive all day long.

There are additional jewelry selections right here on Halloween Haven to help you get into the spirit.  Be sure to check out the necklaces, rings, and earrings collections too.


Everyone will want to be properly accessorized for Halloween.  There is something here for all of your fellow ghouls, so be sure to:

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