Avatar Costumes for Halloween

Avatar Adult CostumesAvatar 2 is set to release in December, 2017, which means the Avatar costumes are sure to make a huge comeback!

Perhaps, we should all begin preparing now while we can still acquire Avatar Halloween costumes and accessories at a reasonable price.

In the first “Avatar” movie, the peaceful Na’vi, Jake Sully and Neytiri, certainly made their place in our hearts.  Therefore,  we should also give them a place in our costume wardrobes.

Since I know they will make great characters to emulate for Halloween, I have sought out the Avatar costumes, the face paint, and other accessories to help you complete the ensemble in advance.

Being blue and wearing a tail for Halloween would simply be awesome.  Wouldn’t you like to join me in becoming part of the Na’vi clan?

These costumes would be a great couples costume selection!


Avatar Movie Sexy Neytiri Adult Costume

Isn’t she lovely!  This ensemble includes a vibrant blue bodysuit with bold blue stripes, gray apron, arm gauntlet and 2 sets of multicolored beads for the wrist and apron.  It does not include the wig or the shoes.  The would need to be purchased separately.

Because this costume is made with spandex, I recommend purchasing a size larger than you would normally wear.

 Disguise womens Neytiri Costume, Deluxe Official Avatar Outfit Adult Sized Costumes, As ShownCheck Price


Avatar Movie Neytiri Costume Accessories

These accessories are available separately and are not included with the costume above.  The wig and make-up really are necessary finishing touches to complete your Avatar costume.  I have also included the Avatar bow if you wish to completely accessorize this costume.

The make-up kit featured here would be necessary for either of these character costumes unless you plan to wear a mask. 

 Neytiri Deluxe Wig, Official Disney Avatar Halloween Costume Accessory, Adult SizeCheck Price CCbeauty Blue Face Paint Stick,Face Painting Kit,Non Toxic SFX Makeup For Avatar Mystique Halloween CostumeCheck Price Zing Avatar Neytiri’s Ceremonial Bow Pack – 1 Bow and 3 Zonic Whistle Arrows, Officially Licensed Role-PlayCheck Price


Avatar Face Painting Tutorial

Don’t let the face paint intimidate you.  Just jump right in with the help from this awesome YouTube tutorial!


Note: This video is not a Halloween Haven production, but we certainly appreciate dope2111 for making it available.

Please be sure to express your appreciation to her for the video.



Avatar Movie Jake Sully Adult Costume

This ensemble includes a tan jacket with ruched shoulders, attached black shirt and Na’Vi style sleeves  It also includes the tan pants with an attached tail and a courageous character mask.

 Rubie’s Men’s Avatar Jake Sully Deluxe Costume, Blue, StandardCheck Price

Avatar Movie Jake Sully Costume Accessories

These accessories are available separately and are not included with the costume above.  If you don’t want to wear the mask that is included with the costume above, simple purchase the make-up kit featured with the Neytiri costume along with the Jake Sully Wig.

 Rubie’s mens Avatar Jake Sully Costume Wig Party Supplies, Black, One Size USCheck Price

The Avatar Costumes for Children

Avatar costumes for kids are definitely available.  They are quite similar to the adult costumes, but have a few subtle differences that are more age appropriate.

Like the Neytiri adult costume, the child’s Neytiri costume includes a vibrant blue printed jumpsuit with attached tail, apron with attached beads, bracelet, and one arm gauntlet.  The shoes are not included, but the black ballerina slippers the model is wearing would be a perfect shoe selection for children.

The Jake Sully child’s costume includes a jacket with attached shirt with Na’vi style sleeves and neck  It also includes the tan pants with tail and a character mask.  Like all of the other costumes, the shoes are not included.

 Quenny children’s Avatar costumeCheck Price Rubie’s Avatar Jake Sully Child’s CostumeCheck Price


The Avatar Movie Costumes

Either of these costumes would be fun to wear for Halloween with or without a “companion” Na’vi tribe member.  As I mentioned in the introduction, the Neytiri and Jake Sully costumes would make excellent costumes for a couple.  No doubt, they would be welcome at any Halloween party.


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