Couples Costumes: Gandalf and Galadriel – The Hobbit & Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings Couples CostumesIf you really want to make a lasting impression at this year’s Halloween party, the Lord of the Rings costumes for couples would be perfect!

Dress as the beloved Gandalf wizard and the ethereal Galadriel, Lady of Lothlórien.

While it is true, the rightful male to stand beside Galadriel would be her husband, Lord Celeborn, those of us who love Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit recognize the bond between Gandalf and Galadriel.  Therefore, they would make great couple costumes for a Halloween party.



The Deluxe Gandalf Costume

The deluxe Gandalf costume includes the robe, the hat, the belt and the satchel.  However, you would still need to buy the wig and beard separately.

 Ya-cos Men’s The Fellowship of The Ring Gandalf Cosplay Costume Robe Cloak Grey/BrownCheck Price



Galadriel Costume

The Galadriel costume includes the gown and the headpiece.   The dress is great, but the crown is not the best.  I would recommend purchasing a more substantial crown to go with the gown.  Plus, there may several other accessories you might want to consider like Elf ears or a wig, but the outfit would suffice as is.

 Rubie’s The Hobbit Galadriel Dress With Headpiece, White, Adult One SizeCheck Price


 elope Elrond Crown, Gold or Gray Available, One SizeCheck Price

Galadriel’s Crown

Because the crown is so extremely important to the overall beauty of the costume, I would recommend purchasing an alternate crown. The crown that is included with the dress is flimsy and not really suitable for Galadriel.

This crown is not perfect, but it is better made and overall, I believe you will be much happier with this headpiece.  However, do keep in mind that it is a costume crown and not the higher quality of fashion jewelry.


The Scene Where Galadriel Saves Gandalf in The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies



Lord of the Rings Halloween Costumes - Gandalf & Galadriel make perfect couple costumes