Pirate Buccaneer Costumes for Women

Halloween Pirate Buccaneer Costumes for Women
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I don’t know if there were ever truly women who were nautical pirates.  If there were, I doubt they would have been considered sexy.  However, women’s pirate costumes are definitely sexy by design today.   Even the costumes that are pants instead of skirts, have a “romantic” flare.

Of course, there are current day pirates, but when we are dressing for Halloween, we opt for the high seas pirates from the renaissance era.  Nowadays, it is impossible to think about pirates without envisioning the Pirates of the Caribbean, Johnny Depp & Keira Knightley style.

Women are given more flexibility with the pirate costumes because they are all fantasy and imagination.

So ask yourself, how would you dress if you were a pirate?


The Stealthy Pirate

 Charades womens Pirate Vixen Jacket AdultCheck PriceBlack is often the color associated with stealth, and pirates do tend to sneak up on their prey.  Because a successful pirate would be wealthy, black velvet and lace would be appropriate material for a female pirate.

Decorated with gold buttons, this long black velvet jacket would be quite impressive.  The length of the jacket would also provide adequate concealment.  The lacy blouse, leggings, boots and belt are sold separately, but together they make the perfect pirate’s costume for women.

Another plus to this costume, when you remove the jacket, you would still be dressed like a pirate in the ruffled blouse, belt and boots.

Note:  The jacket runs small, so be sure to order 1 or 2 sizes larger than your normal size.

 Charades Women’s South seas BlouseCheck Price Waist Cincher BeltCheck Price



Sexy Pirate Costumes

All for fun and fun for all!

These costumes are clearly created more for show than for practicality.  But, everything about Halloween and costumes are for show and the fun we have being someone “different” for one night out of the year.  I have no doubt whatsoever that men would definitely believe you to be a pirate after booty when you wear one of these costumes.

Be sure you check what is included with these costumes.  None of them come with the weapons (pistols or knives) shown in the photos.  Those accessories would need to be bought separately.  Plus, the white pettiskirt shown with the Swashbuckler costume below, is not included with the costume.  It is always disappointing to order a costume based on a photo and then find out that things are missing that you thought you would get included with the costume.

 California Costumes Sexy Swashbuckler Pirate Set, Burgundy, MediumCheck Price California Costumes Women’s Queen Of The High Seas Sexy Swashbuckler Buccaneer, Black/Burgundy, LargeCheck Price


Beautiful Grey Pirate Costume

 (featured in introduction)
InCharacter Costumes Women’s Seven Seas Seductress Pirate Costume, Gold/Grey
Check Price
The black and red colors are truly awesome!  However, if you want a costume that is a bit out of the ordinary, you might want to consider this sexy grey pirate costume.

The coat dress is two-tone brocade with gold trim, flocked velvet lapels and epaulets.  The skirt is beautifully finished with scallop lace.

This costume includes the belt, the tulle petticoat and the hat with a detachable feather.

This is truly an extraordinary costume for the lady pirate seeking to steal the hearts of everyone at the party.

Pistol, boots and jewelry are not included with the costume.



 Delicious Women’s Venga Faux Leather Over The Knee High Heel Boots, BlackCheck PriceKeeping in mind that we are talking about costumes, I don’t often recommend buying shoes or boots.  However, for the pirate costume, they do make a big difference in the overall finished appearance.  While there are boot covers available, I don’t highly recommend them.  Often the straps holding them in place break and leave you very unhappy since that little strap just ruined your whole costume.  Also, the covers are skimpy and don’t fit most legs.  Therefore, for this costume, I do recommend seeking a pair of black, over the knee boots.  If you want to replicate the models in the photos, you will need boots with high heels too.

What you really need is an inexpensive pair of faux leather boots to complete this outfit.


Halloween Pirate Buccaneer Costumes for Women