Halloween Adult Group Costume Ideas

Are you attending a Halloween party this year? Try something new with your Halloween costume this year. Get some of your close friends or family together and dress up in a group costume! The possibilities are many and all are fun!

Group Costumes are the Bomb!

halloween-group-costumesCan you image the look on the faces or friends and family when your group makes their entrance at the Halloween party? You will be hooted and hollered at and applauded for going all out. And, if their is a costume prize, I’m sure your group will be in the running. Start by getting your group together and narrowing it down to a few group costume ideas.

Halloween Group Costume Ideas

Now, there a tons of different ways you can go for group costumes. You can dress up in a group as simple as vampires, monsters, pirates or gangsters. There are a lot of choices of costumes in these groups so you can have a ball. But, take it a step further. To dress up as known icons or characters can bring a whole new dimension to group Halloween costumes.

“Grease” Group Halloween Costumes

The movie “Grease” is iconic and most everyone, no matter what their age, will recognize the characters you emulate. From 3 to 10, there are plenty of characters you can dress up like from the movie. In addition to the Pink Ladies — Sandy, Frenchie, Rizzo, Marty and Jan — and the  T-Birds gang members — Danny, Kenikie, Sonny, Putzie & Doody — you can expand to include other recognizable characters from the film like:

  • Principal McGee
  • Coach Calhoun
  • DJ Vince Fontaine
  • Secretary Blanche
  • Teen Angel (Frankie Avalon)
  • Vi – the overworked waitress

and many more. You need at least 3 characters to pull this one off and have everyone realize the group you are imitating. Probably Sandy and Danny for sure. Then add Rizzo, Kenikie and so on down the line — depending on the number in your group.

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The Flintstones Group Halloween Costume

Who doesn’t know this group of stone-age characters. With the cartoon hitting the scene back in 1960’s (and re-runs still playing today) to The Flintstones movies made more recently, almost every age group will recognize these iconic characters.

This group of costumes would be perfect for 4 people ( 2 men, 2 women) to dress as Fred, Barney, Wilma & Betty. If you have more in your group, add Pebbles, Bam-Bam, Dino, a Lodge Brother and more!

Don’t forget to accent with cool stone-age accessories like a caveman club, lodge hat, funny feet, bone jewelry and more. Play it up and have some fun! Yabba Dabba Do!

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Wizard of Oz Group Costumes

The wonderful Wizard of Oz — ahhh, the memories! This group costume idea will work with almost any size group because there are so many costumes to go around!

  • Dorothy
  • Auntie Em
  • Glenda the Good Witch
  • The Wicked Witch
  • The Tin man
  • The Cowardly Lion
  • The Scarecrow
  • Toto
  • The Wizard and more!

There are costumes available for men and women as the lion, scarecrow, tin man/woman and Toto as well as a lot of variations on Dorothy, and the good and bad witches. This is one that everyone will recognize the minute you walk into the party.

Remember the accessories like Dorothy’s basket, the tin man’s heart, the scarecrow’s degree, the ruby slippers, the witches broom, the lion’s medal of bravery and so on. Little accessories like these bring the characters to life!

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My Favorite Group Costume

gilligan's Island group costumesI had a Halloween party one year that was HUGE! We had about a hundred people and had prizes donated to give first place in a few different categories — one of which was “Best Group Costume”. The group that won? The played the cast of Gilligan’s Island. They dressed and posed exactly as the scene from the closing credits.

It was a hoot! And, they won the group category, hands down.

For something different this Halloween, consider grabbing some friends or family and dressing up as a group.

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  1. Buckhawk says:

    I can see dressing up with a group of people as a single theme. OK, forget Grease, I don’t think my figure would work, but I could be Fred Flinstone pretty easily!

  2. Whoa! These are truly awesome recommendations for Halloween group costumes! I thought I preferred the Wizard of Oz costumes until I got to the Gilligans Island costume suggestions!

    Either of the group costume selections would be fantastic!

  3. bookmarked!!, I really like your site!

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