Girls Costumes — Wonder Woman

We have a tendency to overlook Super Heroes that are girls. Seems like the boy/men Super Heroes are always getting the promotion but there are plenty of girl Super Heroes out there. Wonder Woman is a perfect costume for a little girl into Super Heroes.

Classic Wonder Woman Costume

Since the late 1970’s, I have been a fan of Wonder Woman. Lynda Carter was wonderful as the Super Hero in the self titled series. She’s beautiful, strong, telepathic, has a magic lasso, bullet proof bracelets, a tiara that is also a weapon as well as a boomerang and she flies around in an invisible airplane! How cool is that?

There are quite a few different Wonder Woman costumes to choose from. The first one for little girls is based on the more traditional Wonder Woman costume — a one piece leotard. It includes the leotard, cape, head band, bracelets, belt, lasso and fabric boot covers to be worn over other shoes/boots.  This little girl struck a pose that is very Super Hero-ish!

It comes in child sizes small, medium and large and basically includes everything to outfit her like Wonder Woman. The costume is a bit skimpy if you live in a colder climate, but you could add leggings or tights in flesh color or red, white or blue and it would still look great while keeping her a bit warmer for trick or treating.


Wonder Woman Costume with Skirt

This next version is a bit more feminine due to the skirt. It’s adorable! This costume includes the dress, cape, headband, bracelets, belt and fabric boot covers. On the small sized version, the cape is actually attached to the back of the dress. For the medium and large sizes, it is a separate piece.

The look of this costume is a bit more feminine or “frilly” as my husband calls it. It’s perfect for the little girl that is a girly-girl. The lasso is not included with this costume but you can get it separately if you still want it.


Tutu Skirt Wonder Woman Costume

This little number is very frilly! It takes the skirt to the next level by making it out of tulle and cutting it in a “tutu” fashion. She’ll distract those villains from their evil plans when they take one look at her in this gorgeous costume.
The costume comes with the dress (with tutu style skirt), belt, head band, bracelets & cape. You can add some sparkling red flat shoes or get a pair of Wonder Woman boots to add to the outfit.Talk about show stopping — this costume is it!


If you have a teen, toddler or baby girl, she can dress up like Wonder Woman too! All the Wonder Woman costumes are adorable. Check out the full selection of Wonder Woman costumes for girls here.