Halloween Ghost Train Cake

DSC_0686cThis Halloween Ghost Train Cake is lots of fun to make and actually very easy to assemble! Our Halloween cake design also makes an awesome Halloween table centerpiece or decoration and the perfect compliment to the Halloween Ghost Castle Cake featured here on Halloween Haven.

This Halloween cake design is an original design created by Sylvestermouse and Son.

Once again, our desire was to make a Halloween cake that would be easy enough for children to build with a bit of help.   Since it is a no-bake design, even young children can participate in making our Halloween Ghost Train Cake.



How To Make a Chocolate Halloween Ghost Train Cake

By using a store bought Little Debbie cake rolls & brownies, supplies and candy, it is truly very simple to make our Chocolate Halloween Ghost Train Cake.

Here is the list of needed supplies:

  • Little Debbie Devils Squares or Square Brownies
  • Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls
  • Little Debbie Bat Brownie
  • Chocolate Frosting (use to glue pieces together)
  • Butterscotch Candies
  • Hersheys Candy Bar
  • Candy Pumpkins
  • Ghost Peeps
  • Pumpkin Peeps
  • Candy Corn Spice Drops
  • 2 Snack Size Candy Bars (Milky Way or Snickers)
  • Nonpareils

Instructions for Assembling the Halloween Ghost Train Cake

You will find the detailed step by step instructions with lots of photos in our previously published article, How to Make a Chocolate Halloween Train Cake.

Designing and creating the Halloween Ghost Train Cake was a lot of fun for me and my son. We always enjoy spending time together in the kitchen making new cake designs and creating a bit of a mess, but it was always time well spent! The cake is fabulous, delicious and fun, but the time together is priceless!!!