Best Halloween Costumes for Boys for 2022

There have been some really great action movies released this year, which means there are some really awesome new Halloween costumes available for boys for 2022.

Since some of this years movies were based on popular comics, the costumes are not all together new ideas, even though they are new designs.

Of course, the traditional costumes are always popular and we have several featured that would be fabulous costume choices for boys.

We have also included a collection of costumes for boys that would be just plain fun to wear.


Poplar Halloween Costumes from Movies & Video Games

The Mandalorian Costume for Kids Star Wars Official shopDisneyThe Mandalorian Costume for Kids Star Wars Official shopDisney
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Clearly the movies that normally effect our choices in Halloween costumes are different this year.  We look to the television and streaming services for our favorite costumes for 2022.  Thanks to the new movie, Scoob!, our beloved friend from the past has returned and we love him all over again.  Plus, Sonic the Hedgehog races headlong to our TV screens.  The are joined by television shows like Paw Patrol, Spongebob Squarepants, and Thomas the Tank Engine that have been around for years, but they rate higher in costumes this year.  After all, they are what we see on TV daily.

 Scooby – Doo Child’s Deluxe Scooby Costume, Medium Sonic Generations Sonic The Hedgehog Deluxe Costume – Medium Rubies Spongebob Squarepants Child Costume, Large Paw Patrol Marshall and Chase Boys Costume Gift Set (Small (4-6)) Rubies Thomas and Friends Deluxe 3D Thomas The Tank Engine Costume, Child Small



Halloween Costumes from 2019 & 2020 that are Still Popular in 2022

Several magnificent movies were previously released.  Therefore, we have some fabulous costumes for boys to consider this year for Halloween.  Starting with How to Train Your Dragon and Toy Story 4, we are guaranteed boys costumes that are sure to be loved.  As a matter of fact, you might not be able to get your little boy to take these costumes off after Halloween.

Thanks to the release of Spider-man: Far From Home and Godzilla, some of our favorites are back again for this year.  Add  the Avenger’s Endgame characters to the mix, and it will be extremely difficult to select a costume for this year.

If you want to go with a new and totally different character costume, you just might prefer Shazam!

 Disguise Hiccup Classic How to Train Your Dragon Child CostumeCheck Price Buzz Lightyear Classic – Size: Child S(4-6)Check Price Woody Deluxe Child – Size: Child S(4-6)Check Price Rubie’s Marvel Spider-Man Far from Home Child’s Spider-Man Stealth Costume & Mask, Small Black/GrayCheck Price Rubie’s Marvel Spider-Man Far from Home Child’s Spider-Man Costume & Mask, Medium Red/BlackCheck Price Godzilla King of The Monsters Child CostumeCheck Price Child’s Deluxe Shazam CostumeCheck Price


Halloween Costumes for Boys from the Movies Released in 2018

Thanks to the release of Avengers:Infinity War, Avenger costumes were in the spotlight back in 2018.  They were popular last year, and they are sure to be among the most popular boys costume this year as well.

In addition to the previously popular Avenger costumers shown below, Vision and Black Panther were added to this fabulous Superhero list. Plus, we have included a Thanos costume as an option. After all, there would be no Infinity War without Thanos.

Avengers Costumes for Boys

Click here to see the individually featured Avenger costumes


 Rubie’s Marvel Avengers: Infinity War Thanos Child’s CostumeCheck Price


There were several other great costumes added in 2018!

With movies like Solo: A Star Wars Story, Incredibles 2, Jurassic World, and Aquaman, these costumes should definitely be considered.

It really is kind of hard to beat a great dinosaur! This decision will, no doubt, be a very difficult decision for every boy this year for Halloween.

 Rubie’s Costume Co Justice League Child’s Deluxe Aquaman CostumeCheck Price Rubie’s Costume Co Unisex-Children Solo: A Star Wars Story Han Deluxe Child’s CostumeCheck Price The Incredibles 2 Mr Muscle Shirt Deluxe Dress up Set with Sound EffectsCheck Price Disney The Incredibles Dash Classic Boys Costume, Small/4-6Check Price Rubie’s Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Child’s Velociraptor Costume, MediumCheck Price Rubie’s Costume Co Jurassic World Indominus Rex Child Costume, SmallCheck Price


More Popular Halloween Costumes from Movies

Super Heroes costumes rule!  Due to the release of “Spiderman: Homecoming”, “Thor: Ragnarok”, and “Justice League“, super heroes are back in the spotlight this year.   With the release of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” our original beloved “Force” is front and center stage again too.

There are also are few endearing character costumes from the movies.   Lego Characters and Power Rangers will also be favorites for many kids this year.

All of these movie costumes will be hot this year!

 Boys Deluxe Justice League Tactical Batman CostumeCheck Price Rubie’s Costume Boys Justice League Deluxe Superman CostumeCheck Price Justice League The Flash Child’s CostumeCheck Price Rubie’s Costume Boys Justice League Aquaman Top CostumeCheck Price Rubie’s Thor: Ragnarok Child’s Gladiator Thor Value Costume, MediumCheck Price Deluxe Anakin Skywalker CostumeCheck Price Rubie’s Costume Spider-Man Homecoming Child’s CostumeCheck Price Lloyd Prestige Ninjago LEGO CostumeCheck Price Batman LEGO Movie Classic CostumeCheck Price Power Ranger Movie Classic Muscle CostumeCheck Price



Traditional Halloween Costumes that are Always Popular

Some costumes never go out of style!  They don’t even require a new movie release or tv show to be extremely popular with boys when selecting their Halloween costumes.

One note here, Darth Vader is always popular, however with the release of Star Wars:  The Force Awakens, a new villain was introduced last year.   The Darth Vader  and  Kylo Ren costumes could easily have been listed above with the movie costumes, but we chose to include them here with the other more iconic Halloween costumes for boys.

 Pokemon Child’s Deluxe Pikachu Costume – One ColorCheck Price Rubie’s Costume Pokemon Charizard CostumeCheck Price Rubie’s Costume Co Jurassic World T-Rex Inflatable Costume (Child’s age 5 to 7 Years)Check Price Rubie’s Star Wars Darth Vader Costume – Standard – BlackCheck Price Star Wars: The Force Awakens Child’s Deluxe Kylo Ren CostumeCheck Price Spooktacular Creations Boys Ninja Deluxe Costume for Kids with Ninja Daggers and Throwing Stars (S 5-7)Check Price



Just Plain Fun Halloween Costumes for Boys

Halloween would not be complete without a visit from a cowboy, zombie or vampire.  What may seem like a more traditional costume to parents, these costumes are just plain fun to children.  Remember, they haven’t had the chance to dress this way for decades, so it is all new and fun for them.

 USA Astronaut Kids CostumeCheck Price InCharacter Costumes Boys 8-20 Rawhide Renegade Duster Jacket Cowboy Costume, BrownCheck Price Jr. Armed Forces Pilot Suit with Helmet, sizes Small – TweenCheck Price Transylvanian Vampire Costume, Small – LargeCheck Price Skeleton Zombie Costume –
Toddler – Large Sizes
Check Price
 Boys Camouflage WW1 WW2 Army Soldier Boy Military Armed Forces CostumeCheck Price



Regardless of the Costume You Choose, We Wish You a

Very Safe and Happy Halloween!




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