Castlevania Costumes for Halloween

Castlevania Dracula CostumeCastlevania Costumes make awesome and unique Halloween costumes!  They were obviously inspired by the Castlevania video games and who wouldn’t want to dress like a Castlevania character for Halloween!

When the Harmony of Despair video game was release, I was reminded of the popularity of the Castlevania video games.  It is hard to believe that it has been over 20 years since the first Castlevania game was released on Nintendo, followed 10 years later by Symphony of the Night on Sony Playstation.  There were at least 4 great games between those two noted releases and over 8 additional games have followed in the last decade.

Do you realize that means we have had a whole generation of children who have grown up playing different versions of Castlevania?

I have discovered there are Halloween costumes available for 4 of the characters and I am willing to share my find with you.


Castlevania Vampire Dracula Costume

It’s Halloween! Do you know what is lurking in the dark?

This fabulous Victorian-inspired Dracula costume spares no luxurious detail and perfectly emulates our favorite Castlevania character.

 Anime Custom Made Castlevania Vampire Dracula Cosplay Costume for Halloween Carnival (Custom Made)Check Price

The costume shown in the introduction is currently available on Ebay. Click Here to View and Compare that Dracula costume.


Castlevania Dracula Wig

Add the finishing touches to the Castlevania Dracula Costume with the wig!

 PATTINUM Men Wig Long Gray Wavy Cosplay Wig Halloween Curly Hair Party Wig Heat Resistan Synthetic Wig with Wig CapCheck Price


Castlevania Richter Belmont Costume

Dress like Richter Belmont in this Castlevania cosplay costume for Halloween. It comes with an jacket, pants, gloves and belt

 Alleyon Richter Belmont Cosplay Castlevania Costume Vampire Hunter Halloween Outfit for Adult LCheck Price


Castlevania Charlotte Aulin Costume

Charlotte Aulin costume

The Charlotte Aulin Costume for Halloween includes Capelet, Mini Skirt, Wrist Bands, Socks, and Cravat.

Ebay is currently the best source we can find for this costume. Click Here to see what is available!


Castlevania Trevor Belmont Costume


 Castlevania Trevor Belmont Cosplay Costume Check Price


They are all fabulous costumes!  It would be a lot of fun to get a few friends together and each wear a different Castlevania costume.  The difficult part would be choosing who would get to dress as whom.

Which Castlevania Character Would You Like To Be?