Renaissance Era Costumes for Women

The Beauty of a Renaissance Costumes and Dresses

Renaissance Costumes for WomenRenaissance costumes, worn during the Elizabethan era, are stunningly gorgeous.  Dresses from the Renaissance era are beautiful Halloween costumes, but they are not just worn on Halloween.

Many Renaissance enthusiasts enjoy wearing them to Renaissance faires and festivals.  But, on Halloween, those who cannot attend these special festivities, can still enjoy the historical fashion and fun of this era in fashion.

Due to they year round popularity, there are a lot of Renaissance costumes available.  Several ready made costumes are featured in this article and are available to purchase.  I have also included Renaissance costume patterns for those of you who prefer a handmade original.


1550-1600 ~ The Elizabethan Era

Renaissance Fashion:  A Touch of History

During the Elizabethan era, there was a huge focus on the decorations and sleeves of the dress.  Dresses were layered and the collars, sleeves and cuffs of the chemise were pulled out and ruffled as contrast for the outer dress.  Inserts known as “partlets” could be used instead of the chemise to accomplish the desired effect in appearance.

The skirts were worn open at the front and displayed the petticoat or a separate insert panel.


Anne Boleyn Grand Heritage Collection Adult Costume

Includes: Dress and headpiece

This costume was named for Anne Boleyn.  In spite of the fact that Anne Boleyn was Queen of England prior to the Elizabethan Era, this dress still fits in the fashion design of the Renaissance period.

 Fun Costumes Anne Boleyn for Women, Renaissance Style Multicolored Queen of England Halloween X-LargeCheck Price



Elegant Renaissance Women’s Costume

Includes: Dress, headpiece and sheer veil

Truly reminiscent of the era, this dress has fabulous details.  From the wide lace trim on the neckline and sleeves, the puffed shoulder sleeve caps with the additional draping sleeves, to the insert panel in the skirt, this dress is Renaissance perfection.  An elegant design and a costume fit for a queen.


 InCharacter Costumes Women’s Renaissance Princess Costume, Gold/Red, Select Your SizeCheck Price



Maid Marion Renaissance Adult Costume

Definitely a fun-loving and lively dress!  It features just enough “renaissance” detail, but is actually made for a more contemporary fit.

The dress is made of crushed velvet and accented with woven detailed ribbon trim.  The bell outer sleeves are contrasted by the lighter pink under sleeves.  In addition to the dress, this costume also includes the matching headpiece with veil.

 Maid Marion Costume – Dress Size 14-16Check Price



Elegant Renaissance Costume

This burgundy velvet gown with a satin inset is the perfect Elizabethan Era costume.  It also features draped over-sleeves that add flare and the Renaissance detail we all love.

This costume is available in several colors and sizes!

 Artemisia Designs Women’s Renaissance Gown Costume Halloween Dress – Satin Panel & Arm Tippets, Floor Length Burgundy/GoldCheck Price



Elizabethan Princess Costume

We are all familiar with Queen Elizabeth and her “portrait” framing collars.  If you desire that style, this costume would be excellent for that time period detail.  As you can see, it also includes the panel insert in the skirt and elegant embroidered trim.

 Queen Elizabeth Costume for Women, White Victorian Ball Gown for Renaissance Cosplay CostumeCheck Price


Mid-Renaissance Fashion

Padded shoulder rolls were also used to embellish dresses.  Unlike the shoulder pads used on the inside of clothing in the 1900s, the padded shoulders of the Elizabethan era were worn on the outside of clothing to create shoulder rolls.

Renaissance Costume with Padded Shoulder Rolls

 Adult Lady in Waiting Costume Size Md/LgCheck Price


Renaissance Maiden Costume with Headpiece

This royal red gown is beautiful detailed with gold trim, gold under sleeves and matching front insert panel.  Also, this costume includes a headpiece with drape.  Such a lovely gown of burgundy and gold that is accentuated with gold trim.  The dress features the long over sleeve, the gold under sleeve, as well as the illusion of a “partlet” at the neck.

Those details, coupled with the insert panel in the front of the gown, makes this costume the consummate Renaissance dress.

 InCharacter Costumes Women’s Maiden Costume, Burgundy/Gold, Available in Multiple SizesCheck Price


At the End of Elizabethan Era and the Renaissance Fashion

Toward the end of the Elizabethan era, dresses were fitted to the figure, but they still had an emphasis on the sleeves.  It is at this time in history, that the extremely long hanging sleeves came into fashion.


Renaissance Queen Adult Costume

A beautiful blue dress with matching headpiece.  Sleeve drapes give the illusion of the outer-sleeve which was so common in the Renaissance era, but without the added weight of heavy material.

Costume comes with the bronze colored metal belt that drapes at the waist.

 Rubie’s Costume Deluxe Faire Queen Costume, Blue, Available in Multiple SizesCheck Price


Timeless Renaissance Fashion

Simple, Classic Beauty!

Loose dresses with hanging sleeves in various styles, were worn throughout the Renaissance period.  Some of these dresses hung straight from the shoulders and were made without any waistline.  I have included this dress because it fits the Renaissance criteria, but could also be worn again to parties with an emphasis on the ever popular “Lord of the Rings”.

This pale green dress is finished with the fitted upper arms and long, flowing sleeves.  While this costume was originally made for the “Lord of the Rings” collection, the dress does still meet the Renaissance dress description because of the sleeves and the “partlet” at the neck.

 Rubie’s Costume Lord Of The Rings Deluxe Queen Arwen Dress and Tiara, GreenCheck Price



Noble Lady Costume

Fur trimmed and detailed dresses were very fashionable during the Renaissance era.  This costume is accented with embroidered trim and a corded belt.  As you can see in the photo, the fur-trimmed sleeves are quite long.

A hat and veil are also included.

 Forum Designer Deluxe Medieval Noble Lady Costume, Multi, Extra LargeCheck Price


Renaissance Dress Patterns

In Case You Don’t See a Ready Made Dress You Love

Sometimes we simply want something original, but originals cost a lot more than the ready made costumes.  However, if you know how to sew, or perhaps know a seamstress, you can select your own fabric and trim to make your own unique costume.

 Butterick Patterns B4571 Misses’ Costume, Size EE (14-16-18-20)Check Price



More Information about Elizabethan Fashion

If you would like to learn more about the Elizabethan fashion era, we would like to recommend the following articles.  Because their focus is on the history and not costumes, they give a must greater detail of fashion history than was covered in this article.


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