Grim Reaper Halloween Decor

Grim Reaper DecorationsGrim Reaper Halloween Decorations may well be the most popular of all character decorations for Halloween. The Grim Reaper stories are perfect on Halloween and the Grim Reaper decorations can easily set the eerie mood for great Halloween parties, for haunted houses or just for fun and trick or treaters.

This page has the best Grim Reaper Decorations for you to display at home, the office, at parties, and at your haunted house project. These decorations are so awesome that you are likely to find a central theme for your decorations here whether that was your original intent or not. You will see Grim Reaper party invitations, door greeters, the Gothic figurines, a Grim Reaper for your car and also inflatable Grim Reapers for the yard. Who could resist such magnificent Halloween decorations!






Halloween Party Invitations


 The Grim Reaper Rides Again 5×7 Paper Invitation Card Death – Evil Skeleton Grim Reaper with Scythe Card Grim Death reaper Halloween death horror day Card




Grim Reaper Door Greeter

Let The Angel of Death Greet Your Guest

Grim Reaper Greeter
Halloween Party Or Haunted House Greeter
This is a great decoration for your door at home, the office, or the haunted house project. This door greeter is a fabulous way to set the mood for your guests and give the Grim Reaper center stage for the holidays. What you see first, when you arrive at a party, is usually setting the tone for the festivities.
Any party, haunted house project, or holiday decoration will be even more exceptional with this detailed Grim Reaper door greeter.

 Hanging Reaper 72 Inches Animated Halloween Prop Haunted House Yard Scary DecorCheck Price

Animated Hanging Grim Reaper


  • Light-up Eyes
  • 72″ L
  • Poseable Arms
  • He Speaks! “Your Soul Is Mine… Ha ha ha ha
  • Motion-sensor Activation and Volume Control
  • Requires batteries.


Grim Reaper Solar Light
Grim Reaper Halloween Party Or
Haunted House Project Decoration Centerpiece
This is a great Statue and Lantern for your Halloween home or party decor. This accent light is a fabulous way to light the way or set the mood for your family or guests and give the Angel of Death center stage for the holidays.
Any Halloween party is certain to be “enlightened” by this awesome Grim Reaper LED lantern made of cast resin and shedding light on the subject!

 Hades Glow Grim Reaper Statue and Solar LED LanternCheck Price

Grim Reaper Decor Fan Favorite

  • Perfect for the walkway, or placed in the flower beds where he appears to be waiting for his next “victim”
  • Cast Resin with Black Matte Finish
  • Fabulous Grim Reaper stands with skulls at his feet, a hourglass in one hand and his scythe in the other.
  • Solar Powered (No Batteries Required)
  • Measures 20 inches tall, 8 inches wide, and 9 inches deep


Gothic Grim Reaper Halloween Light Decor

Grim Reaper Wall Mounted Light is Nearly a Yard Tall

Grim Reaper wall light

Grim Reaper Gothic Reaper Wall Mounted Light – Halloween Prop Light

Have A Grim Reaper Party With Grim Reaper Decorations

Whatever stories you have heard about the Grim Reaper you are sure to hold a combination of respect and fear for this mythical character. Because no matter how many times you say to yourself this is just a myth, something in us will start to stir and want to validate the stories with at least a slight possibility that there is such an entity assigned to escort us off of this earthly plain.

But we don’t mention this in public unless we are at a Grim Reaper party and then we can display all of the decorations and talk about all of the stories. We feel empowered to share the ‘facts’ with each other and after all it is all in fun, isn’t it?


Gothic Reaper Wall Mounted Light

  • Nearly a yard tall
  • Eerie glow when his 4″ glass globe is illuminated
  • Cast in two-tone designer resin
  • Switch-on cord
  • 15-watt light bulb (not included)


Grim Reaper Figurines

Figurines can be year round decorations, plus they make exceptional Halloween decorations for a party. They can easily be placed in any room of your home for a little extra Halloween decor touch.

A Grim Reaper figurine makes a great accent piece for your home or office. They also make the perfect centerpiece for your table or party buffet. As such, they are an impressive Halloween decoration.

Great Halloween Centerpiece or Decoration

 Grim Reaper Sand Timer FigurineCheck Price 11.75 Inch Fantasy Figures Grim Reaper with Witch Collectible DisplayCheck Price MortuisCheck Price 9 Inch Grim Reapers Fantasy Figures Father Son Decor Collectible GiftsCheck Price


Grim Reaper Cake

Decorated Grim Reaper Cake


Make your own Halloween Grim Reaper Cake

Make your own Halloween Grim Reaper Cake with the kit below.

Whether you are having a party or simply wish to make a special treat for your family, a Halloween cake is always a big hit. If you want to make a cake like the one shown above, be sure to bookmark this article. You will want to refer back to this picture when you are decorating the cake. While the kit includes the Grim Reaper figure and a tombstone, you will need to purchase the black balloons cake toppers separately, if desired. The rest of the decoration will depend on your creative and decorative ability.

As you can see for yourself, the cake featured with the cake topper below is decorated completely different. Choose your favorite design or create your own unique design. Either way, you will have fun decorating the cake and your guests will love it.

 Grim Reaper and Gravestone DecoSet Cake DecorationCheck Price

The Perfect Halloween Cake

Grim Reaper Cake Topper Set Includes 2 Pieces:

  • 1 Grim Reaper figure
  • 1 Tombstone
  • Tombstone Reads: “Relax, I’m just here for the party”
  • The Grim Reaper figure stands 3 inches tall

Note: The headstone included with this cake topper set has epithets on the smaller tombstones on each side. Those sayings would not be appropriate for a Halloween party. You would need to either cover the sayings over with icing, or simply leave that headstone off the cake and make your own.


Grim Reaper Decor for the Kitchen

The kitchen is often the hot spot during a party, so you will certainly want to set a few grim reapers around for fun. I love the salt and pepper shakers! A guest would be rather hesitant to take anything from the angel of death. It would be fun to just stand back and watch.

The mug could certainly be used year round, but if it was a small dinner party, you might enjoy ordering enough mugs so each guest would have one. They would also make great party favors if you were so inclined.

 Grim Reaper Glass Salt and Pepper Shaker Set Sculpture for Gothic Bar and Kitchen Table Halloween Decor Figurines and Statues and Medieval & Fantasy Skulls and Skeletons GiftsCheck Price Grim Reaper Skulls and Flames Death Coffee MugCheck Price Gothic Grim Reaper Wine / Liquor Valet HolderCheck Price


Grim Reaper Bathroom Decor

Of course, you may prefer to surprise your family and guests with Grim Reaper Decor in the bathroom. No doubt, they will entertained by your choice of decor.

Can you imagine showering with the Grim Reaper?!!! These shower curtains are pretty awesome. They are fabulous bathroom decor, but you may well be tempted to shower with the curtain pushed open and back.

The toilet paper tyrant paper holder is sure to bring howls and laughter from the bathroom. He is made of cold cast resin and is hand painted. Not only would be be a unexpected surprise for your guests, but he is as pretty as a grim reaper can be. He really would be fun!

 Cartoon Cool Death God Grim Reaper Night Full Moon Custom Design Shower Curtain Personalized Bath Curtain 60 * 72 InchCheck Price Design Toscano Grim Reaper Sculptural Bath Tissue TyrantCheck Price Custom Grim Reaper Deathscythe Shower Curtain 60Check Price

Grim Reaper Backseat Driver – Give These As Gifts or Party Favors

Give your friends this amazing backseat driver Grim Reaper!

 Grim Reaper Backseat Driver Car Cling Party Accessory (1 count) (1/Sh)Check Price

Taking this Grim Reaper along for the ride can be fun as well as a subtle reminder to anyone who is attempting to be a backseat driver. It isn’t safe to take the driver’s attention off of the road because it is inviting the Grim Reaper to make an unscheduled call.

Give these to all of your friends to see who will use it in their car. Some will use it to decorate other windows during the holidays, but, many will display the Grim Reaper in the backseat window of the car.


Best Of Show — Grim Reaper Outdoor Decorations – Over The Top…

Grim Reaper Pumpkin and Carriage Inflatable

Inflatable Grim Reaper Pumpkin And Carriage

Exceptional choice for a Halloween decoration for a party, at home or a haunted house project! This inflatable Grim Reaper will be the talk of your neighborhood. If you are having a Halloween party, you know all of the guests are going to be focused on your decorations first and an inflatable Grim Reaper carriage is sure to make quite an impression. Details and mystery give this amazing decoration the best of show.

If you are having a neighborhood decorating contest, this yard inflatable will be a must have for the showstopping design.

Grim Reaper Inflatables

 Airblown Reaper CarriageCheck Price 11.5 Foot Long Inflatable Grim Reaper Driving Pumpkin CarriageCheck Price 7 Foot Long Halloween Inflatable Grim Reaper on Motorcycle 2013 Yard DecorationCheck Price



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