Halloween Nail Art with Decals, and Stencils

Halloween Nail Art with Decals and StencilsWe all know that it is just plain fun to apply nail art or nail decals to our fingernails. Nail decals and stencils are a great way to turn plain painted nails into works of art. Because we are already dressing in costumes, it is totally appropriate to create fabulous complimentary nails. Actually, whether you are in costume or not, nail art is fantastic for Halloween.

The spider webs are only one of the nail art options available. Of course, they are frightening fabulous alone, but be sure to pair them with a great nail polish to get the desired look.

The featured webs are stencils which means you would stick them to your painted nails, paint over them with a second color and then remove the stencils leaving behind the design.

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Nail Stencils for Halloween Nails

Here are two more nail art stencil packs you may want to consider. These Halloween stencils are pretty cool and could be worn all day and night. They aren’t really scary, just a lot of Halloween fun!

If you plan to apply and paint these stencils on artificial nails, that is perfectly fine too. It is easier though to paint them on the nails before you actually glue the artificial nails to your natural nails. You can add the clear coat finish after you apply the nails if desired.

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Nail Art Decals for Halloween

Decals are different from stencils. As you would expect, decals are finished designs that you stick on your nails. Then cover them with a clear coat nail polish so they will stay on and last longer. The details on decals are often a lot more extensive since the artwork is done in advance.

Either style of nail art should be applied on painted nails. You can even wear nail art on artificial nails. Just be sure to stencil or apply the decals to them before you put the artificial nails on your natural nails.

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Host a Nail Decorating Party

It is always more fun to enjoy a spa day with a friend, or several friends, even if the spa day is at home. Since this nail art is “do it yourself”, why not buy several designs and invite your friends over before Halloween. You can mix and match the designs and nail polish colors. Plus, you could help each other if needed.

The decals are a one time use and you can’t always reuse stencils, so be sure you buy plenty to go around. It would be fun to see all the different ways your friends will finish their own nails too. Be sure to take lots of pictures because, in addition to creating beautiful Halloween nails, you will be making wonderful memories with friends. Who knows, it might even become an annual event!

Have fun and enjoy your beautiful Halloween Nails!



Halloween Nail Decals and Stencils