Ceramic Fireproof Skulls for Fire Pits & Fireplaces

Fireproof Human SkullFor those who enjoy the macabre Halloween decorations, it doesn’t get more disturbing than having a skull in the fire.   These fireproof man-made skulls look real, but rest assured, they are made of high heat refractory, which is a type of ceramic.   The do not burn, but they will turn black with soot, which gives your display a more realistic appearance.

Ceramic Fireproof skulls can be used in any vented fireplace, fire pit, bonfire, or campfire.   Of course, you can use one alone, or multiple skulls together in one fire to achieve your desired effect.

Note, the lower jaw is a separate piece when shipped.  Be careful when unpacking the box and make sure you don’t accidentally discard the jaw with the trash.

 Myard Fireproof Human Fire Pit Skull Gas Log for NG, LP Wood Fireplace, Firepit, Campfire, Halloween Decor, Barbecue
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Fireproof Human Skull (Imitation Only!)

These skulls are imitation only of course, but they definitely look real when burning in a fire.  Actually, they look spooky real!  The images will, no doubt, haunt your dreams and be the focus of nightmares.

Each skull is about the size of an average human skull.  The length is 8 – 9 inches and the width is 6½ to 7½ inches.  As you can see in the photos and the video below, they are highly detailed and have a “freak your friends out” factor of 10 on a one to ten scale.


Additional Fireproof Skull Styles

In addition to the style featured above, Skulls are available in several colors and styles. Here are a few of more for your thoughtful consideration.

 Myard Fireproof Human Fire Pit Skull (Qty1, Brown – Adult (One Piece))Check Price Myard Hollow Eye Sockets Human Skull (Black, 1pk)Check Price Myard Fireproof Demon Fire Pit Skull (Hollow, Flame from Eye Holes) (Demon Grey Skull, 1pk)Check Price


Halloween Decor - Fireproof Skulls

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  1. Wow, this is an ah, interesting find, LOL. I know some young men who’d get a chuckle if that skull showed up in their campfire!

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