Little Red Riding Hood Costumes for Women

Little Red Riding Hood Costume for WomenGet a Great Little Red Riding Hood Costume

Little Red Riding Hood Costumes for Women are very popular.  This Halloween, or any other special occasion, you can be one of the most beloved characters in fairytale history, Little Red Riding Hood.

With all the accessories available for this costume, you can mix and match products such as wigs, baskets, stockings and shoes.  Below you will find variations on the lovable Red Riding Hood Costume for created just for women.


The Corset Style

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Top Selling Little Red Riding Hood Costumes for Women

If you love the corset style outfits, you will love this Little Red Riding Hood costume.

The dress comes with a separate cape with hood.


  • Hand Wash in cold water
  • 100% Polyester
  • Zipper closure


Best Little Red Riding Hood Costume – The Deluxe Costume

This deluxe costume comes with enough bell and whistles to be a true theatrical costume.  With a red velvet cape lined with red satin and a red velvet back zipping dress, all the other accessories included, make an amazing outfit!  This is a limited edition so get it fast!

Costume Includes Waistcoat dress, Removable Bow, Ribbon trimmed cape, Wrist cuffs, and 2 Rosette pins.

The Black Fishnet Stockings, basket and boots will need to be purchased separately.  Oh, and you will have to bring your own wolf!

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Extremely Popular Red Riding Hood Costume

This popular 3 piece set includes the dress with the hood, the leggings, and a choker with a charm.

Red polyester and black lace make this a sexy Red Riding Hood.

3 Piece Set Includes:

  • Dress with Hood
  • Leggings
  • Choker


A Great Little Red Riding Hood Costume

You Know You Want a Beautiful and Sexy Red Riding Hood Costume

This adorably sexy Little Red Riding Hood outfit is perfect for the full figured woman with curves to show off.  It includes the dress and full cape with the hood.

This is the costume featured in the introduction shown on a more petite model.

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 Dark Red Riding Hood CostumeCheck Price
Another Favorite Red Riding Hood Costume – She’s a Rebel!

This girl doesn’t need the woodman’s help.  No wolf will ever get the best of her in this Red Riding Hood costume!

  • 100% Polyester
  • Red Hooded Cloak with Ribbon Ties
  • Red satin rose adorns the ruffle trimed low neckline
  • Pullover Dress with lace-up corset bodice


Accessories for the Little Red Riding Hood Costumes for Women

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None of these costumes come with the stockings, shoes or baskets, which is actually best for most women.  We like to choose our own stockings and shoe styles.  Here are a few suggestions to help you complete your Little Red Riding Hood costume.

Use the photos as a guide and add your own fishnet hose in either black or white.

Grab a wicker basket with a handle and decorate it to compliment your Little Red Riding Hood costume.  You will note in the photos, some of the models have baskets decorated with red or black bows, and some have a red gingham fabric liner.

I do recommend using a very lightweight basket.  Wicker is not exactly comfortable to carry and a heavy basket would be simply too annoying and could easily damage your costume if it catches and pulls the fabric.

The basket that is shown gets lower ratings on Amazon because it is small, too small for Easter egg hunts, which it how it is being advertised.  However, as a lightweight basket for adornment for a Little Red Riding Hood costume, it may well be the best choice.  Plus, it would be really easy to add a bow, thread red ribbon in and out of the weave for trim, or add that bit of gingham liner if desired.


Now All that is Left is Grabbing Your Big Bad Wolf!

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