Parent’s Escort Halloween Tote Bag

Parent Escort Halloween Tote BagEvery parent who escorts children for trick or treating, or Halloween parties, will appreciate one of these Halloween tote bags. Of course, there seems to be no end to the extras that go with children for Halloween and we all know who gets stuck holding them all.

Parent’s Halloween Tote Bags

All of us parents understand the words “hold this for me” from our kids. We seem to have our hands full with the stuff the kids don’t want to carry. Halloween parties and trick or treating is no different. We also have plenty of things we want to carry along, so a tote bag big enough to hold it is vital. And why not get in the spirit of the Halloween with a bag designed just for the fun?

Halloween, TREAT BAG

Extras You Want to Bring Along

Witch Bag
Witch Bag by Ladiebug

When it comes to being the parent escort for trick or treating time, we want our kids to be safe. We want to bring along those extras that will not only make the time safer, but also more comfortable for everyone. That includes:

  • flashlights for dark times
  • water bottles for the thirsty ghouls and ghosts
  • healthy snacks to keep the kids out of the candy just yet
  • extra hats and gloves when the weather gets cooler
  • replacement costume pieces if needed
  • extra makeup to repair the smudges
  • hand wipes to remove the smudged makeup


Escort Totebag for Making Life Easier

 Trick or treat Candy, black Tote BagCheck PriceWhen you take costumed children anywhere, whether it’s trick or treating or school parties, you will end up extra pieces from their costume. If you child wears a mask or glasses as part of their costume, those will like get removed during the course of the event. But, so will gloves. In fact anything that hinders their ability to participate in games or snack time, will likely get removed and handed to you. So make your own life easier with a tote bag that is big enough hold it all.

Take it from a parent escort, you won’t lose those extras and you will have your hands free to help your children with what ever they may need. Anything that makes life easier is great in my book.

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