Lego Batman Costume for Boys

Batman Lego Halloween CostumeBatman has been a beloved superhero for as long as I can remember.  Lego is easily the #1 toy for boys.  Therefore, when you put the two together, you have a super hit costume!

Batman costumes are always on the most wanted, best-selling list for Halloween.  However, it is clear the Lego Batman costume may well exceed the performance of any single Batman costume in the past.

The 3D Lego Batman Movie was released in February of 2017.  The animated superhero movie catapulted to blockbuster status immediately.  Due to the popularity of the movie, the superhero, and Legos, there is no doubt the Lego Batman Halloween costume will be as popular as the movie.


Lego Batman Halloween Costume

The costume includes:

  • Minifigure Tunic
  • Detachable Cape
  • Mask
  • Hands (a set of 2)

This is the Officially Licensed Lego Batman costume

You will need to buy black jeans or slacks and shoes separately to complete this costume.   He does look pretty incredible!  All suited up and ready to take action.  This is a costume boys will enjoy year round, not just for Halloween.

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Lego Batman Costume with Pants

There is a second option for boys who want pants with the costume that resemble Lego pieces.

This costume includes:

  • Minifigure Tunic
  • Minifigure Structured Pants
  • Detachable Cape
  • Mask
  • Hands (a set of 2)

 Officially Licensed costume

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Costume Without the Cape and Hands

The designs are printed on the front and the back of the minifigure tunic.  Even with the cape removed, the costume is truly awesome!

As you can see in the photo below, the hands are created in a fashion similar to a boxing glove or perhaps a baseball mitt.

Batman Lego costume without the cape

Cleaning Your Lego Batman Costume

Due to the structure and fabric of these costumes, they cannot be washed.  It is recommended that you Spot clean only!


Batman Lego Costume