Easy Decor Addition to SCARY Up Your House this Halloween

You would be surprised how easy it is to give your home a bit of a spooky feel with just a few well placed Halloween decorations. You don’t have to go whole hog for family, friends and neighbors to notice your house is perfectly dressed this Halloween season.

Where and What to Decorate With

The where is easy — on book shelves, tables, walls and any other surface that begs for some Halloween decor. I like to concentrate on entry tables or shelves since this is the first area people see when they arrive and then sofa, end and coffee tables, dining tables, and any shelving around the house.

I even like to add a little something, something in the bathroom to make their trip there a bit more festive.

Books With some Spirit

Halloween decorations scary books

Taking hardback books you already own and making them a bit scarier is a quick and easy way to add some Halloween to your decor.

Re-decorate your books by covering them and decorating the new covers with Halloween motifs and stencils. Stack them together to make a great Halloween decoration and use them when creating little Halloween inspired vignettes or groupings.

Stack them on an end table, sofa or entry table, book shelf or any place else you can find. Add an owl, skull, pumpkin or some other Halloween icon on top of the stack. Instant decorations for Halloween.

This is a great example of how just a few well placed items can scary things up a bit.

On a bookcase or shelving unit, add some miniature skulls to a jar, a raven/crow and some spider walking up and around the existing decor. I love the black and white as a basis and the pop of color you get from the decor balls in the lime green. Perfect for Halloween!


More Scary Halloween Decorations

martha halloween decorations

Sometimes, it’s as simple as adding some blood dripping candles to the existing candle holders on an entry table. It’s suggestively sinister without being outright frightening! It does get the Halloween feel going from the moment guests enter your home.

Add some spider webbing for extra effect. Don’t forget to pull it lots. It actually looks much more realistic the more you pull on it. Leaving it in too big of a hunk takes away from the effect.

See? Just a few carefully placed objects or things you already own spooked up can make your happy home a Halloween happy home! Good luck!