Stealth Ninja Halloween Costume for Kids

stealth ninja costumeEvery little boy dreams of being a Ninja and Halloween provides the perfect opportunity to dress like a stealthy Ninja warrior. Let the little fellow arm himself with foam stars and a totally awesome sword made just for child play.

You, too, will enjoy watching him play the part of a mighty Ninja as he soundlessly slips around corners and jumps from his secret hiding place to tackle his fierce enemy, which will most likely be a ferocious dragon disguised as the couch pillow.

Halloween is all about dressing up, pretend and simply having fun.  This Halloween, allow him to “Be the Ninja” in your home and neighborhood!

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Ninja Halloween Costume

When selecting a Halloween costume for a child or toddler, I have a mental safety checklist.  On this particular costume, the face mask is made with sufficient visibility, but still has the “covered” look the little Ninja desires.  I also really like the idea of the Velcro closure.  Children really do not have the patience to spend a great deal of time away from their Halloween fun for those necessary restroom breaks, thus making it essential that the costume is easy to put on and take off.

 California Costumes Toys Stealth Ninja, LargeCheck PriceI do recommend purchasing a costume that is a little larger than your child would normally wear.  Ninjas need to be able to move around quickly without risk of ripping at the seams.

  • Jumpsuit with attached hood and leg ties,
  • Belt with Velcro backed Foam Stars
  • Face Mask
  • Velcro Closure



Accessories for this Halloween Costume

In the photo, you see our little Ninja carries a sword, however the sword must be purchase separately since it is not included with the costume.

My personal sword choice and recommendation would be the Deluxe Ninja LED Light up Sword for added protection and improved visibility as he ventures into the night to collect his confectionery trophies.

I also recommend that your little Ninja wear non-skid slipper socks when he is playing indoors on slippery floors.

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  1. Susan says:

    Oh, definitely Ninja is a great costume for kids. I love the little girl in Despicable Me 2 that is a Ninja with her pink hat! That’s what I want to be this Halloween.

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