UPS Delivery Man Costume for Boys (and Girls)

 The UPS Delivery Man’s Costume for boys is one truly awesome Halloween costume! Everyone loves the UPS Delivery Man and would willingly open their front door for this little guy on Halloween.

I can easily recommend this costume for toddlers because it has no safety issues, no masks to impair vision, no hanging fabric or accessories to trip over. It is simple and makes a great Halloween costume.

Plus, the toddler could enjoy wearing this costume even after Halloween.

It allows the little fellow to dress up for Halloween and safely trick or treat. This is one costume they could wear and even run from door to door. After all, the UPS Delivery Man does that very thing everyday.

Colors of the UPS Delivery Man Costume

UPS Delivery Man costumeJust like the UPS Delivery man’s uniform, the UPS Delivery Man costume is brown with the gold UPS logo. Brown is universally recognized as the UPS color. All UPS employees uniforms, and even their trucks, are brown.

The UPS Delivery Man

Very little in everyday life is as exciting as having a packaged delivered, even if you know what the box contains.

I love receiving packages and I have had the same UPS Delivery man for over 20 years. Yes, I know his name and yes, we consider him a friend. Over the years, Steve, our UPS Delivery man, has gone that extra mile in taking care of our deliveries. If it rains, he will place the package in a plastic bag to protect it. If the package is too heavy for me, he will set it just inside the front door for me.

One Christmas, we had ordered a Barbie Doll House for our daughter. The shipper did not box the doll house and it was shipped in the manufacturers box with the big beautiful pictures of it contents covering the box. Rightfully suspecting the doll house was a surprise gift, Steve set the box in our backyard by the air conditioner and left a note on the front door directing me to the hiding place of the delivery. Now that was awesome! Talk about going the extra distance to insure a customers satisfaction!

UPS Delivery drivers the world over, are highly respected and greatly appreciated. Everyone recognizes the UPS uniform and can’t help but smile.


A Female UPS Delivery Man

Absolutely! A little girl could also dress as a UPS Deliveryman. After all, there are many women who are employed as UPS Delivery Drivers. I see them around town all of the time and we have even personally have the occasional female UPS Delivery Agent substitute when Steve is off work.


Accessories for the UPS Delivery Man Costume

In the photo you see the little UPS Delivery guy is holding a package, which is not included with the costume. You could easily wrap up a box if you wanted him to carry a package though, so that is really not a problem.

There are only a few accessories required to complete the UPS Delivery Man’s Costume for Halloween. He will need shoes and a Trick-or-Treat candy bag!

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A Special Treat for Your Little UPS Delivery Guy

Every year, I try to find a special treat for my own special trick or treaters. For my little UPS Delivery guy, I would definitely want to give him something he could play with for years to come.

As a matter of fact, our son and our daughter had the UPS Delivery Truck gifted to them almost 25 years ago. While their trucks are now set aside as childhood mementos, they enjoyed many actual playtime hours with them.


One Important Note About the UPS Delivery Man’s Costume

This UPS Delivery Man’s Costume is an officially licensed UPS costume that replicates an authentic UPS uniform.

Now, how cool is that!


Above All Else

Have A Safe and Happy Halloween!