Halloween Barbie Dolls

Collector Barbies for Halloween

Halloween BarbiesWe have probably all heard of the fabulous Holiday Barbie Collection by Mattel, but did you know that there are also Collector’s Barbies for Halloween? They are just as beautiful and unique as the Holiday Barbies and they would be just as much fun to give as a gift or collect for ourselves.

These Barbie Dolls would make wonderful treats for any little trick or treater or a very special treat for the Barbie collector this Halloween. I bet we all have a special little girl in our lives who would enjoy getting one of these stunningly gorgeous Barbie Dolls. Why not get one or two for yourself and start your own Halloween Barbie collection this year?

Medusa, the Wicked Witch of the West, Batgirl, and Poison Ivy all join some famous Halloween couples for this Halloween party of collectible dolls.

Barbie Queen of The Dark Forest Doll

Announcing This Years
Halloween Haven Creepy Yet Beautiful Award Choice

For the 2nd Year In A Roll

 Barbie Queen of The Dark Forest Doll 2015 Gold Label Doll NRFBCheck Price

Such elegant beauty! This enchanting creation should not be hidden away in the dark forest. Her stunning costume, designed by Bill Greening, is a glistening black gown with an ornate belt. The draped sleeves of the gown are trimmed in faux fur. She wears a gem encrusted crown and an elaborate necklace. She carries a scepter, a symbol of her sovereignty over the forest. Her gorgeous face was sculpted by Bob Mackie. Her darkly mysterious presence is perfect for Halloween.


Barbie Dia De Muertos

 Barbie Dia De Muertos DollCheck Price Halloween Haven recognizes Dia De Muertos is celebrated on November 1, and not Halloween, but we still wished to honor this stunning Barbie with our annual award in 2021. She is unique, stunning, and dressed to the hilt for celebration. We love the skull accents on the bottom of her gown!

Debuted in 2019 and sold out fast. Like so many other collector’s items, Barbie Dia De Muertos is expensive and often only available through secondary markets. Click here to check current availability.

Since 2019, the Dia De Muertos Barbie Dolls have become an annual release, much like the beloved Holiday Barbies. Here are the other annual Dia De Muertos Barbies. (2022 design has not been released)

 Barbie 2021 Dia De Muertos DollCheck Price Barbie Signature Dia De Muertos 2020 DollCheck Price


Haunted Beauty Mistress of the Manor Barbie

Haunted Beauty Mistress of the Manor BarbieWe have invited the Mistress of the Manor Barbie to lead the way as we gaze upon the beauty of the often quite glamorous Halloween Barbies.

This designer Barbie is actually the 3rd in the series of the Haunted Beauties by Bill Greening. They are all stunningly gorgeous!

When you get a close up look at her face, you can’t help but wonder about her intent and what door those keys in her hand actually open. What chamber of horrors is hidden behind those cold, dark eyes.

 Barbie Collector # BDH39 Haunted Beauty Mistress of the ManorCheck Price


The Haunted Beauty Barbies Designed by Bill Greening

We will start with the Mistress of the Manor introducing you to her “sisters” in the Haunted Beauty Barbie Collection. As the collection name indicates, their beauty is quite haunting.

They are simply to die for!

 Barbie Haunted Beauty Zombie Bride Gold Label DollCheck Price Haunted Beauty Vampire Barbie Doll – 2013 Direct ExclusiveCheck Price Haunted Beauty Ghost Barbie Doll~2012 Direct Exclusive~only-5700 NrfbCheck Price



Bewitching Barbie Witches

Witches are always a part of the Halloween fun and there are several Barbies in witch costumes available. You may find them so “bewitching” that you want them all. You will find several Barbies in this group that are totally appropriate for play even though they could all be considered collectibles.

Let us begin our tour of the Barbie Witches Wing of Halloween Haven.

 Barbie Bewitched Collector Doll SamanthaCheck Price

The Halloween Barbie Witches of Halloween Haven

Here are a few beauties who will cast their spell on you with their beauty and charm. Either of these Barbie dolls would be a wonderful gift for the special trick or treater. They would be perfect for play.

 Barbie Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch of the EastCheck Price Barbie Halloween Witch DollCheck Price Barbie Trick or ChicCheck Price Barbie Halloween Party Barbie Doll 2011Check Price Mattel Enchanted Halloween Barbie (Special Edition)Check Price Barbie Halloween Hip DollCheck Price


The Collector Barbie Witches from the Wizard of Oz

Has there ever been a more popular witch than the witches in The Wizard of Oz?

The wicked witch of the west has never been so beautiful! We are all green with envy over this beauty.

We can’t have one without the other. After all, good wouldn’t look so lovely and pure without the wicked to compare her too.

The Wizard of Oz Glinda Barbie will cast her spell over you and make us all wish to be as “good” as she is.

 Barbie Collector Wizard Of Oz Wicked WitchCheck Price Barbie as Glinda in the Wizard of OzCheck Price



Another famous witch that holds a special place in our hearts, is featured in a separate article here on Halloween Haven. You an read all about her by clicking here: Bewitched Barbie Collector Doll Samantha



Fabulous Costume Barbies

Barbie’s costumes have always been stunningly gorgeous and a large part of what makes her so highly collectible. They really are a fabulous way to have our own small piece of designer creations. The costumes are often quite elaborate from the top of her appropriately styled hair to the bottom of her matching footwear that always completes her ensemble. These Barbies always include awesome accessories. They truly make fabulous collectibles and displays.

 2007 Pirate Barbie – Barbie Collectible Gold Label – Collector Barbie Pirate Would Be Perfect for Halloween She Just Might Capture Your Heart! Do keep in mind that less than 9,300 Barbie pirate dolls were produced worldwide. If you want one, you will want to be sure to grab this treasure now.Check Price


 Barbie Collector Gold Label Empress of the Aliens Barbie® Doll – By Bill Greening – I can well imagine anyone would follow the orders of this Empress!Check Price


Great for Play Halloween Barbie Doll

 Barbie Moonlight Halloween DollCheck Price


The Medusa Collector Barbie

Featured in the intro, the Barbie Medusa Doll is by far the most unique Barbie made to date in our opinion.

Many of us are not attracted to Medusa, but it is impossible to not admire this ingenious creation.

Quite A Unique Collector Barbie indeed!


Previously awarded the
Halloween Haven Creepy Yet Beautiful Award

For 11 years, Medusa won this award. She has the perfect combination of fearful, gorgeous and attention to detail, which really is perfection for Halloween.

 Barbie Collector MEDUSA DollCheck Price


Styled in accordance with the mental image of the mythical beautiful Medusa who served as priestess to Athena, the Medusa Barbie is dressed in a designer couture gown accented beautifully with chiffon. The snake arm cuffs remind us of what Medusa becomes after she is punished by the goddess for falling in love. Do keep in mind, those gorgeous auburn locks turn into snakes in the myth and her gorgeous face becomes the face of a monster which makes her totally appropriate for Halloween. Thankfully, that curse is not true for the Barbie. Her hair remains long, luxurious and beautiful and we are allowed to touch it.

You may need click here to search for the Medusa Barbie through a secondary market. She has been sold out for a while.


Superhero Collector Barbie Dolls

A Smash Hit for Halloween

Barbie Collector Wonder Woman Doll

We certainly all remember the impact Linda Carter had on all of us when she burst though our television screens as Wonder Woman.

This Barbie Collector Wonder Woman Doll is just as much of a stunning beauty as the lady herself was when we first saw her.

If we hadn’t seen it with our own eyes, many of us would have been hard-pressed to believe there really was a real life Barbie proportioned woman!

 Barbie as Wonder Woman DollCheck Price



Barbies from the Batman Series

 Barbie Batgirl Dc Superheroes Collector Barbie Doll – The Batgirl Collector Barbie Doll dons her cape to fight for her place in your collection. Just look at that beautiful flowing hair! Wow!Check Price DC Comic Barbie Doll: Poison Ivy – Lovely in her green costume, the Poison Ivy Barbie is likely to cause you to forget some of the others as she uses her case of potions on you.Check Price



Halloween Barbies as Famous Couples

Barbie and Ken love dressing up for Halloween! For this Halloween Party, they decided to dress as pirates. Pretty cool red and white striped bottom attire shows everyone attending that they are a couple. All attendees should keep in mind that they have already stolen each others hearts.

 Target Special Edition Halloween Party Barbie and KenCheck Price



Morticia and Gomez Barbies from The Addams Family &

Herman & Lily Barbies from the Munsters

These party hosts are entertaining, and quite entertaining I might add, as Morticia and Gomez from The Addams Family.

The Addams Family movies are among our favorite Halloween movies and we sure wouldn’t want to miss adding this couple to our own collections.

The couple may be a Little “Different” as Herman & Lily from the Munsters, but we love them just the way they are!

 The Addams Family GiftsetCheck Price Mattel – The Munsters Barbie & Ken Giftset – Barbie DollCheck Price



Fictional Character Barbies Who Rule Our Hearts!

 Barbie & Ken As Romeo & Juliet Limited Edition Together Forever Collection (1997) – As Romeo & Juliet, Barbie & Ken plan to Be together forever. Considered by any as the most romantic couple of all times, there truly isn’t a better couples costume for Halloween.Check Price Lord of the Rings Barbie and Ken as Arwen and Aragorn – Ken are quite enchanting as Arwen and Aragorn of The Lord of the Rings. I have never seen a more beautiful king and queen in all of their splendid regalia.Check Price Ken & Barbie As Camelot’s King & Queen Arthur & Guinevere / Together Forever Collection Limited Edition # 23880Check Price



Wonderfully Magical and Very Memorable Barbie & Ken Couples for Halloween

 Barbie Tales of the Arabian Nights Limited Edition – What fabulous colors! They are definitely ready for a “night” of partying in these costumes.Check Price Barbie Magic & Mystery Collection; Merlin and Morgan le Fay Doll Set by Mattel – As Merlin and Morgan Le Fay they are magical! Friend or foe, they still make a lovely couple for Halloween.Check Price



The Halloween Barbie Collection

Many of the Barbies featured here on Halloween Haven are designed specifically for play and some are more for collecting. Any of the Halloween Barbies are appropriate for collectors and would make a wonderful addition to their Barbie collections even if they are suited for playtime.

These Halloween Barbies would all make lovely gifts for the Barbie enthusiast in your home this Halloween, even if that “enthusiast” happens to be you!

I would love to know which Halloween Barbie, or Barbies, would be your personal favorite. Please feel free to leave a comment in the guestbook. The hostesses of Halloween Haven always enjoy hearing from our friends.