Trick or Treat Halloween Safety Tips for Children heed of a few Halloween trick or treating safety tips can help ensure a Happy Halloween for all!

Trick or treating is a time when children should have a lot of fun and be allowed to really enjoy the Halloween holiday.

With a bit of forethought and planning, we can certainly keep our children safer while trick or treating and they will never suspect we are “protecting” them. They will simply see most of these suggestions as additional fun!


Make Halloween Safety Fun

 5 Pack Plastic Small Mini LED Flashlight COB Flashlights for Kids 100 Lumen with Batteries High CRI for Bright Flash LightCheck PriceAs parents, we want our children to have a great time trick or treating on Halloween. Many of us have wonderful memories of our own trick or treating experiences.

I laugh now when I think about the flashlight I carried when I was a costumed trick or treater visiting our neighbors homes on Halloween. I thought it was just a pretty cool costume accessory. As an adult, I can see the real value of that Halloween accessory.


LED / Fiber Optic Costume Accessories are Perfect for Halloween

Today, not only can our children carry flashlights, they can wear lighted jewelry in their hair or on the wrists. Now, that is seriously fun costume attire! What child wouldn’t enjoy wearing lighted bracelets or having shimmering lights in their hair.

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Complete List of Halloween Safety Tips

*Don’t Trick or Treat Alone ~ Groups are lots of fun anyway

*Parents, Trick or Treat With Young Children

*Carry a Flashlight

*Wear or Carry Something Reflective

*Stay in a well Lit Area

*Stay in a well Populated Area

*Watch for Traffic when Crossing Streets

*Choose a Costume with Excellent Visibility

*Choose a Costume that is Flame Retardant

*Don’t carry any Sharp Objects

*Parents, Inspect your Child’s Candy

*Don’t Eat Unwrapped Treats

*Stay away from Lit Candles in Jack-o-lanterns

*Wear Sturdy Shoes

*Never Go Inside a Strangers Home

*Never Get into a Strangers Car

Let’s All Stay Safe This Halloween

Many of these tips we grew up hearing and acknowledging as sound advice for everyday life. However, in the excitement of costumes and trick or treating, plus the lure of candy from each home, we tend to set aside precaution we normally adhere to without even thinking.

This year, let’s be smart! Let’s think ahead, read and follow these tips for a safe Halloween, and have an enchantingly fun and safe Halloween!


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  1. Mandee says:

    Awesome suggestions for keeping our children safe this Halloween season! Make-up for a Halloween costume is so much better than a mask for being able to see well. That’s one tip I used every Halloween when my kids were young.

  2. Buckhawk says:

    Everyone should pay attention to these tips. Keeping a safe Halloween is more important than some of the crazy stuff that can happen. After all, who wants to close Halloween fun with a trip to the emergency room?

    Letting the kids think they have costume accessories in their safety items is great!

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