Halloween Candelabras

Halloween Candelabras Set the Mood

Halloween Candelabra PosterSet the perfect eerie mood for your Halloween party, dinner and decorations with these fantastically frightening Halloween candelabras.

Halloween Candelabras are available in elegant styles, Gothic styles, whimsical styles, scary styles or just plain grotesque styles.  Either style is sure to cast the desired ghostly glow suitable for Halloween celebrations and fun.

These candelabras will be perfect additions to your table, kitchen counter, bathroom counters and all throughout your home or party site for an eerie ambiance.

Please join us on our tour of fabulous Candelabras.  We’ll be happy to light the way.


Most Popular Halloween Candelabra

Elegance and beauty don’t have to be ignored on Halloween just to set an ominous tone for your Halloween dinner table or Halloween buffet of treats table.  Beautiful black candelabras that feature a traditional touch with lovely swirls and drops are available, or you may prefer a more contemporary style.

Part of the real beauty of these candelabras is that they can be used year round.  They are not Halloween exclusive, but they certainly do lend well to the Halloween theme.

 5-Candle Metal Candelabra Candlestick 10.6 inch Tall Candle HolderCheck Price Viscacha 3-Candle Metal Candelabra,BlackCheck Price

Highest Rated Halloween Candelabra

 Grim Reaper Statue Candle HolderCheck Price


No need to call on a magic mirror to determine the most highly rated Halloween Candelabra of them all!

Besides, tGrim Reaper Candelabrahe Grim Reaper might take exception to anyone who dared to say it is not him.

This totally fabulous, frighteningly fearsome forewarner is first in the hearts and minds of the serious Halloween enthusiast.

The grim reaper candelabra is over a foot tall.  When you add candles, he will obviously be taller so be sure to consider the final height before you purchase your candles.



A Gorgeous Halloween Candelabra

The Gold and Black Candelabra speaks for itself. Beautifully designed and elegantly detailed. What a lovely candelabra anytime, but especially on Halloween.

This candelabra stands almost 25″ tall and would be the perfect table centerpiece for your Halloween party.

 BalsaCircle 25-Inch Tall Gold and Black Metallic Candelabra Candle Holder Crystal AccentsCheck Price


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Candelabras with Spiders

Celebrations Jk46335 Halloween Spider Web Candle Holder, 14Celebrations Jk46335 Halloween Spider Web Candle Holder, 14Check Price

Spiders and Spider Webs are Synonyms with Spooky

This Halloween candelabra is creepy and perfect for spooky decor and table settings. This is great for any party whether it is for adults or children, but kids seem to really love this particular decoration.

Nothing quite gives guests chills down their spines like having spider webs and dangling spiders so close to their food.   One thing I can promise, these spiders won’t eat very much, but they will be setting webs to capture your guests attention.


Halloween Candelabras with a Touch of Macabre

 QinYing Halloween Decorations Silver 3-Candles Halloween Candelabra Flameless Decorative CandlesCheck Price

Bat & Skull Halloween Candelabras

For those of us who embrace the eerie style, these skull candelabras are heads above the rest.  The ghastly dark symbolism is enough to scare the skin right off your guests.

Take a close look at this candelabra. You will note there is a skull on each candelabra arm, a bat above the center skull and a spider on the base.

It is 12.5″ tall and has a 3.5″ wide. Battery powered LED lights

Because this candelabra uses flameless candles, you could use it unattended anywhere, even a windowsill, bedroom, or bathroom, and not worry that it will set a fire.


Spooky, Wicked and Way Too Fun Halloween Candelabra

This tree branch candelabra is awesome to add a spooky element to the table decorations or is perfect for telling those ghost stories.  Just looking at this tree, makes one think they are hearing the winds calling them right into the middle of those creepy tales we love so much to share.  You can almost feel the tree branch fingers reaching out to grab hold and snatch it’s next victim.

 Galt International Metal Twig Candle HolderCheck Price



This tree branch candelabra is sure to make a lasting impression on all of your guests. It really would be the perfect candelabra to be the center of your Halloween table decor. It could even be the center of a Halloween village or ghost town display. For longer tables, you might prefer having two or three candle holders instead of having just one in the center.


Please note: None of the Halloween Candelabras featured in this article include the candles. They will need to be purchased separately.


DIY Halloween Candelabra

Creepy Candelabra by Decorating for Events
You will also want to be sure to take a look at the Creepy Halloween Candelabra that another one of our Halloween Haven Hostesses designed.

Would you believe this candelabra was made with thrift store finds, a can of spray paint, and adding purchased candles, beads, greenery and flowers.

Mandee also includes an alternative design that features ravens, which are often the bird of choice for Halloween decor.

As you can see by looking at her photo, Mandee is very creative and we are quite fortunate to have her on our staff.

DIY Creepy Candelabra