Deadpool Costume for Adults

Deadpool Costume for MenNow I ask you, what guy wouldn’t want to dress like the Marvel character, Deadpool?!! What a great costume for men!

With the release of the movie earlier this year, Marvel Comics fans were reminded of how Deadpool is a truly fabulous superhero. Many of us wish to be unique and frankly, they don’t come more “unique” than Deadpool. With his self-healing abilities, Deadpool is a pretty cool guy. Plus, he possesses some very impressive combative skills and extraordinary stamina.

Because Deadpool is an expert with swords and knives, you will probably also want to add accessories to this costume. However, keep in mind, he is a highly skilled in hand to hand combat, so weaponry is not required to emulate this remarkable Marvel Comics character.


The Deadpool Costume for Men

 Rubie’s Men’s Marvel Universe Classic Muscle Chest Deadpool Costume, Multi-Colored MCheck Price

This is the Officially Licensed Marvel Costume. The costume comes with the mask, the jumpsuit and the muscle chest piece. It is 100% polyester and should be hand washed, not machine washed. For the feet, the costume includes shoe covers that you wear over you own shoes.

It would be remiss on my part as a Halloween Hostess here on Halloween Haven if I didn’t tell you that most customers do not like the mask that is included with this costume. The body suit alone makes it the top choice for a costume, but you may prefer to buy a separate mask.


Recommended Accessories for the Deadpool Costume

I mentioned the swords and the knives earlier. I am featuring the toy sword and knife set sold just for the costume, but you could always carry something more substantial if you desire. In addition to the weaponry, you may wish to have gloves, which are not included with the costume above.

 Rubie’s Costume Co. Men’s Deadpool Deluxe Fabric Overhead Mask, Red, One SizeCheck Price Rubie’s Men’s Marvel Classic Deadpool Weapon Costume Accessory Kit, Multi, One SizeCheck Price DP Gloves Leather Fingerless Gloves&Woolen Gloves Costume AccessoriesCheck Price

You decide if you want to be “Bad Deadpool, Good Deadpool”. Regardless of which you choose, be sure to watch out for the kitty litter! And, have a wonderful time being a magnificent and unique character this Halloween.


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