Pirate Costumes for Men

Swashbuckler Pirate Costumes for MenStep out of reality and into the world of fantasy by dressing as a pirate for Halloween. Books and movies tend to romanticize pirates. They present them as dashing daredevils that have women swooning at every port and wishing to sail away with them. While Hollywood has always glamorize pirates, there is no doubt Johnny Depp has given them an even greater appeal. Therefore, the pirate costume is perfect for men.

Pirate costumes make great group costumes, since there are so many variations. Several guys could dress like pirates for a party. That would certainly be appropriate since pirate ships would carry a multitude of pirates.

Couples could also opt to dress as pirates. There are quite a few beautiful female costumes available too. Be sure to check out these Sexy Pirate Costumes for Women by simply clicking that link here on Halloween Haven.


Pirate Costumes for Men

Part of the appeal is that they can be a little scary, yet friends know they really have nothing to fear. They definitely look like villains, but clearly it is all in good fun. Plus guys, you just might capture the heart of the fair maiden and that is truly a treasure.

Each of these costumes is a little different. Your personal choice will most likely be determined by the color, but they are all fabulous.

 California Costumes Men’s Adult-Cutthroat Pirate, Black/Red/White, CostumeCheck Price California Costumes Men’s Ruthless Rogue Pirate Buccaneer Swashbuckler, Black/RedCheck Price Smiffy’s High Seas Pirate Costume, Brown/White/BlackCheck Price


Jack Sparrow Costume

 FUN Costumes Authentic Captain Jack Sparrow Adult CostumeCheck PriceJack Sparrow has easily become the favored swashbuckler of current times. Johnny Depp is always entertaining to watch, but never more than in the Pirates of the Caribbean series of movies. His adventures have caused us all to consider pirates in a different light. One where we actually “like” the character.

This costume includes everything you need to emulate Jack Sparrow. Even the braided hair is included. However, you will need to buy the weapons separately for any of these costumes.

You’ll be one of the most dashing swashbucklers this world has ever known, at least for one night!


Swashbuckler Pirate Costumes for Men