Handmade Needle Felted Animal Masks

Needle Felted Animal MasksNeedle felted animal masks often look very much like the real animal because they appear to be “furry”.  These felt animal masks are pretty awesome!  They are so cool that you will be tempted to hang them on the wall as home decor year round.  However, you can have lots of fun dressed as a creature of the night on Halloween.

One note of caution, I recommend these masks for adults, or to be worn with adult supervision.  Vision is greatly reduced when wearing one of these masks, so use good judgement.  Don’t drive while wearing these masks and don’t let children go out alone to treat or treat if they are wearing the furry masks.

As you can see by the photo, they make a fantastic couple’s costume!

Handmade Furry Animal Masks
Such a Lovely Couple!
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Needle felted animal masks greatly vary in style and price.  The creators themselves set the prices. After all, they know the time and cost of materials invested in each mask. There are some that are cute, as well as some that are elaborate.  Choose the one that works best for you and your pocketbook.  But, keep in mind, you don’t want any of them to get wet.  Water or rain will ruin your beautiful handmade needle felted mask.

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Needle Felted Furry Animal Masks

Foxes are always a popular choice.  Or, perhaps you prefer a wolf.  Embrace your own personal spirit animal and taut your favorite by donning the mask.  You will definitely be admired and perhaps envied. 

Don’t be surprised if people wish to “pet” you when you are wearing one of these truly awesome masks.

Keep in mind these masks are all handmade and unique.  You will most likely be the most original and unique character at the Halloween party.

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Elaborately & Beautifully Designed

As I mentioned earlier, some of the designs are quite elaborate.  This is definitely a one of a kind animal mask.  I am quite sure this one would end up being wall decor as well.  I doubt anyone would want to store it away in a closeted container.

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Custom Orders

Several of the shops accept custom orders.  If you wish to request a design in the colors you prefer, be sure to order well in advance so the artist will have time to make and ship your mask before Halloween.


Handmade Needle Felted Animal Masks