Madame Alexander Halloween Dolls

Madame Alexander Halloween dollsI love all of the Madame Alexander dolls, but I am especially fond of the Halloween collection!

Since the Madame Alexander dolls are always dressed in costume, some of the dolls featured below were not originally made for Halloween and are not found in the official Madame Alexander Halloween collection. They would still be perfect for certain Halloween themes, theme parties or Halloween gifts, so they are included at Halloween Haven. 

It would be fun to give a little girl a Madame Alexander doll for Halloween each year thus creating a doll collection that would always have significance in her life, especially if they happened to be dressed in a costume that compliments her costume choice for each year.

Madame Alexander collectible dolls can also be used for decorating for Halloween.  You could use them as a centerpiece for buffet or party table.  They would be quite lovely just set around on smaller table tops or counters.  They would also make fabulous Halloween gifts to someone special who loves Halloween, or perhaps for the hostess of the Halloween party.  They would certainly be pretty in a Halloween gift basket too.



Madame Alexander’s Collection Dolls possess charm and beauty.   A collection of these dolls is certain to delight many generations and would be totally appropriate for Halloween.
Alice in Wonderland will start this procession of gorgeous dolls.  All of the costumes are beautiful and offer a true representation of the book characters we all know and love.

 Madame Alexander 8″ Down the Rabbit Hole AliceCheck Price


 Madame Alexander 8″ Storybook Collection DollCheck Price
Madame Alexander Snow White Doll

Snow White is among the most popular fairy tale princesses. The dress on this doll is designed to look like the dress worn by Snow White in the Disney movie.

* Dressed in satin gown with ribbon trimmed sleeves, a red bodice edged in gold, and yellow flowing skirt

* Measures 8″ tall

* Red bow is tied atop of the dark hair



Madame Alexander Wizard of Oz Collection Dolls

Madame Alexander doll - Dorothy from Wizard of Oz

* Dorothy includes plush Toto, straw basket and red sparkle shoes ornament

* She’s 8″ tall with brown hair and eyes

* She is wearing her traditional blue gingham jumper and white blouse and red shoes

(Click Here to Check Ebay for Availability & various styles)

All of the Wizard of Oz Madame Alexander dolls are beautifully detailed.  This would be a really fun collection to emulate over several years, selecting a different character to play each year and collecting the corresponding doll for the appropriate year.

This would also be a neat way for sister or friends to dress for Halloween.  Their parents could give them the matching doll as a remembrance of their year they dressed as a Wizard of Oz character.



My Own Madame Alexander Doll

Madame Alexander DollsWhen my sister and I were little girls, my parents gave us each a Madame Alexander doll.  They were both from the Little Women collection and we thought they were the most beautiful dolls we had ever seen.  We never played with the Madame Alexander dolls, but they graced our bedroom throughout our youth.

The Little Women costumes would be a fabulous theme for a girls Halloween party.  Each attendee could dress like one of the characters in Little Women and “Mom” could even dress like Marmee.

I currently have mine displayed in my den.  She is still quite lovely. Her internal band broke years ago, probably just got old, so her legs and head will flop if I am not careful.  I have been told that there are doll hospitals that can easily repair that for me, but that would mean separating from my doll and we haven’t been apart in over 40 years.  I don’t see that happening anytime soon, if ever.

Because I have loved my Madame Alexander doll so much, I believe every girl should have at least one in her lifetime.  Because I love Halloween too, I believe I could easily find a spot for one of these lovelies, don’t you?


Madame Alexander Doll Collection

The Little Women Set is a limited collection and only available at secondary markets. It includes Marmee, Meg, Jo, Beth, & Amy.

Click Here to Check Ebay for Availability



Halloween Madame Alexander Dolls

These dolls were specifically designed for Halloween.  The certainly make a great collection and they wear an assortment of costumes.  Each is adorable and would be a great addition to any doll collection.  They would make a lovely Halloween treat for any little girl, and some big girls too.  These dolls will always be cherished as precious keepsakes.  Many Madame Alexander dolls have collectors value, but these dolls would be valuable to the recipient whether they ever made a collectors guide or not.

 Trick or Treats 8Check Price

Madame Alexander Halloween Treats Doll

Trick or Treats Wendy Doll

* Wearing a black dress with orange pumpkin appliques and a complimentary orange tulle petticoat, black & white striped leggings finish the outfit in proper Halloween style

* Candy Apples for treats (one in her hand, three on the plate to share)

* 8″ tall


 Madame Alexander, Witchy Wendy and her Quirky Cat, Special Occasions Collection, Halloween Collection – 8Check Price

Madame Alexander, Witchy Wendy and her Quirky Cat

Special Occasions Collection, Halloween Collection

* 8″ tall

* This darling Wendy doll has long blonde hair, orange eyes and freckles

* She is wearing an orange and black dress with an orange and green hat

* Includes plush cat


 Madame Alexander – Batty Ballerina 8Check Price

The Batty Ballerina

* Black Ballerina bodysuit with silvery cobweb tutu costume

* Fantastic bat ear headband

* Carrying an awesome bat trick or treat bag

* Complete with black satin ballet shoes

Featured in the Introduction



 Pumpkin Perfect MaggieCheck Price

Pumpkin Perfect Maggie

Selected with the student in mind who wants to wear Halloween apparel all day long!

* Maggie with orange hair and a green leafy headband

* Dressed up for Halloween in her pumpkin sweater

* Freckles give her an impish expression



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