Halloween Legos Make Great Treats

Halloween LegosHalloween Legos are a Special Treat for your Little Trick or Treater

There are always a few little guests who come to my door that I enjoy giving a special treat on Halloween.  The Lego mini-figures make the perfect gift for their Halloween trick or treat bag.  Plus, they make an excellent alternative to candy.  They will certainly last longer than sweets.

For the one special monster in my own home, I like to give him the treat of a Lego Halloween set.  He has always been so cute sitting at the table building his new Lego set and the Halloween sets are simply hard to resist.  Perhaps the treat is really for me, because I too love Legos.   I enjoy giving Legos as gifts and I love seeing the excitement and joy even a simple Halloween Lego minifigure can elicit.

Giving a Halloween Lego set to your own child for Halloween can also mean you will be included in the fun if you are really lucky.  They just might let you help them separate the Lego pieces into organized piles.  Gratefully, that has always been my job.  My son and I have spent many wonderful hours together talking and working on a new Lego set.  The finished Lego is always pretty cool, but the time together is priceless and a world of cherished memories.



The little Lego mini-figures are the perfect Halloween “treat” size!  Choose between vampires, witches, wizards, ghosts, monsters and more.

Whatever is the newest monster or ghost mini-figure, or the least expensive, those are the mini-figures I choose to hand out each year to our special trick-or-treaters, which usually consist of the neighborhood children that we know.  However, I have been known to slip a special Lego treat to a child I don’t know, but who is trick or treating alone and looks like they could use an extra special treat.

For my son, my personal favorite trick-or-treater, the mini-figure is not always the most inexpensive monster, but it is always awesome and always appreciated.

 LEGO Series 2 Collectible Minifigures – Vampire Minifigure with BatCheck Price LEGO Lord of The Rings Minifigure: Gandalf byCheck Price LEGO Series 4 Collectible Minifigure The Monster Frankenstein (TM)Check Price LEGO Series 2 Collectible Minifigure Witch (Halloween)Check Price



The Lego skeletons are fabulous!

Everyone, including the little girl trick-or-treaters, love the skeletons and skeleton horses.  The skeleton horses are extremely popular.  I suspect that is because they are a bit more unique than the standard Lego mini-figures.  Just look at the Skeleton Reaper.  Isn’t he awesome!

LEGO Skeleton Reaper with Skeleton Horse Mini-figure


 LEGO Skeleton Reaper with Skeleton Horse (Loose) Castle Mini FigureCheck Availability


Here are a Couple of Halloween Lego Sets for that Special Trick or Treater in Your Home



The Skeleton’s Tower Lego Set – Includes an awesome evil dragon, a princess, a wizard, the suspended prison, trap doors, a working skeleton mouth drawbridge, 2 skeletons and 1 knight with a horse

 Lego Castle Skeleton Tower 7093 Wizard MedievalCheck Price


This Lego Castle Exclusive Set sets the stage for a Skeleton Ship Attack by an Exclusive Skeleton Pirate Captain Mini-figure – This special edition LEGO Castle set not only includes the exclusive Skeleton Captain figure, but also his pet rat!   Plus, it includes Glow in the Dark pieces for some really special effects.

 Lego Castle Exclusive Set Skeleton Ship Attack with Exclusive Skeleton Pirate Captain Minifigure #7029Check Availability




The glow-in-the-dark ghost and goblins are another big hit with every child, boy or girl.  Even the mom’s and dad’s think the ghosts are pretty cool.

Here are a few more totally awesome ghosts and goblins you might want to consider.  The glow in the dark ghosts have always been popular and the featured selection below comes with 3 ghosts, which means you could separate them and give them as 3 separate treats.

Zombies have been all the rage for a few years now.  You may well have a zombie come to your door on Halloween and this Zombie minifigure would be the perfect treat for the little zombie.

The mummy monster is another option, especially if you happen to have Cleopatra or a “Tomb Raider” show up at your door.

 LEGO Monster Fighters Halloween Minifigure – Ghost (Glow In The Dark)Check Price LEGO 8683 Minifigures Series 1 – ZombieCheck Price LEGO – Minifigures Series 3 – MUMMYCheck Price




LEGO Studios Werewolf Ambush Set

 LEGO Monster Fighters 9463 The WerewolfCheck Price


The Lego Troll Warship

What a fantastic Halloween gift this would be for anyone!  It is literally a boat full of fun.

In addition to all of the pieces and mini-figures listed below, the very best part of this set, is the armored dragon.  He is 13″ long and has an impressive 13″ wingspan.

Now that is awesome!!!

The Lego Castle Troll Warship – Includes six troll warriors, a knight and dwarf mini-figures, plus a 3″ (8cm) tall giant troll and lots of accessories

 LEGO Castle Troll WarshipCheck Price





This Fabulous Set Includes 5 mini-figures:  Frank Rock, Ann Lee and 3 ghosts.  It also includes a few vehicles:  The totally awesome Ghost Train and the Hero Airplane.

The Ghost Train Lego set features a prison, detachable carriages and lots of glow in the dark elements including the train smokestack smoke.

The Hero Airplane features a vacuum weapon, flick missiles and a spinning propeller.

I did give this set to our son a few years back and he absolutely loves it!  It may well be his all time favorite Lego set.  He has always loved trains, but the glow in the dark train features and ghosts make this train extra special.

The Halloween Ghost Train Lego set provides hours of fun building and then years of fun playing.

 LEGO Monster Fighters 9467 The Ghost TrainCheck Price




Lego Treats

These are the easiest Lego’s to distribute to trick-or-treaters since they are in a sealed plastic bag instead of a box.

I gave these out a few years ago and laughed because a few of the boys wanted one of each.  I can’t blame them though.  They are all really cool!

And, yes, I gave until I was out.  I had purchased more ghosts thinking they would be the most popular, but as it turned out, the bats were the most popular.  Of course, we do have a lot of superheros in our neighborhood and it seems little girls even preferred the bat Legos.

 LEGO Seasonal Halloween Mini Figure Set #40020 Ghost, Pumpkin Bat BaggedCheck Price LEGO Seasonal Exclusive Mini Figure Set #40013 Ghost BaggedCheck Price LEGO Seasonal Exclusive Mini Figure Set #40012 Pumpkin BaggedCheck Price LEGO Seasonal Exclusive Mini Figure Set #40014 Bat BaggedCheck Price




A Halloween Lego Game

Night has fallen in the graveyard and the monsters have come out to play with the skeletons.  The first to get four of their monsters in a row wins.  But keep an eye out for the spider jumping in and scaring you off!
A clever and exciting game for 2 to 4 players
This is a fun Halloween Lego game for children who are still child enough to want to celebrate Halloween with a fun party, but are too old to trick or treat.  That applies to adults too.

 LEGO Monster 4 Game (3837)Check Price




Happy Halloween!

Legos are fun for anytime of the year, but as you can see for yourself, Lego makes a lot of really awesome mini-figures and sets that are perfect to give for Halloween.  They will make you wish you were a kid again.

I do hope you had fun, got a few new ideas, and found some wonderful Halloween Legos treats, not only for the trick-or-treaters, but perhaps for yourself too.  We are truly never too old to build and play with Legos.

Oh, one more benefit of giving Halloween Legos as Halloween treats, you will be considered the coolest, most awesome parent that ever existed.