Best Halloween Costumes for Girls for 2022

The best Halloween costumes for each year often follow the movies that have been released in any given year.  This year is no exception.  In addition to movie related costumes,  we feature several popular Halloween costumes for girls that are not associated with a new movie release.

Some Halloween costumes are traditional, yet with a new twist.

There are also several fabulous girls Halloween costumes that are inspired by the dolls that our children love. and others that are just plain fun to wear.


Halloween Costumes for 2022

Movies & TV series in 2022 inspire this years most popular Halloween costumes for Girls. Cat costumes are always fun, but with the new movie “Luck”, girls will have a renewed appreciation for the black cat costume. “Turning Red” will make us all turn toward an awesome fluffy red panda costume. Plus, the ever-popular Minions are back with the release of “The Rise of Gru”. Cheerleader costumes are always in high demand, but thanks to “Zombies 3”, the pink & white cheerleader costume will be the most sought after this year. Everybody loves Sonic! The difficult choice here will be choosing whether you want to pretend to be Sonic, Tails or Knuckles.

 Zipster Black Cat Onepiece CostumeCheck Price Red Panda Costume for KidsCheck Price Bob Inflatable Minion Costume for Kids, Official Minions Halloween Costume, Blow Up Jumpsuit with FanCheck Price Cheerleader Costume for Girls Zombie Movie Fancy Dress Uniform Halloween Party Dress Up with Accessaries 3-12 YearsCheck Price Sonic the Hedgehog Costume, Official Deluxe Sonic Movie Costume and Headpiece, Kids SizesCheck Price Sonic Generations Knuckles The EchidnaCheck Price Cartoon Cosplay Sonic Costume Outfit For Boys Girls Dress Up Full Jumpsuit Halloween Pretend Play BodysuitCheck Price



Halloween Costumes from Last Year that are Still Popular

This year our Halloween costumes are inspired by television and streaming more than new theater movies.  Some of our favorite characters are not new to us.   She-Ra & Carmen Sandiego are enjoying a new resurgence of popularity.  Because we see them daily on television, we are reminded of how much we love our beloved heroes, Super Monsters, Baby Sharks, or Paw Patrol “pups”.  After all, Halloween is all about the fun of dressing the part we would like to play and the characters we admire.

 Party City She-Ra Halloween Costume for Girls, Medium, Includes Accessories Spirit Halloween Kids Carmen Sandiego Costume | Officially Licensed Party City Katya Halloween Costume for Girls, Super Monsters, Small, Includes Accessories Spirit Halloween Toddler PAW Patrol Costume Skye Costume Deluxe | Officially Licensed Pink Rubie’s Kids’ Toddler Mommy Shark Costume With Sound Chip, As Shown


A Look Back at Halloween Costumes for 2019 & 2020

Still Popular for 2022
Previous years have brought us some truly awesome movies, which means fantastic Halloween costumes for girls.

With the release of Frozen 2, Elsa and Anna costumes are sure to be a hit this Halloween, especially for little girls who were babies when Frozen first released.  Plus, “How to Train Your Dragon”  was also a 2019 release and that costume is fabulous.

Thanks to the Avenger’s Endgame movie, the Avenger’s are back again!  Any of the previous Avenger costumes will be “hot” this Halloween, but we also have Captain Marvel.

Godzilla, King of the Monsters was another great movie released this year.  Okay, we know Godzilla is a male, but if a little girl wants to be Godzilla, why not?!!!  In addition to Godzilla, himself, Mothra is a main character in this movie.   Little girls will enjoy playing Mothra even if they aren’t familiar with the movie or the story.

Clearly, there are many options available for girls this year that range from the always popular princess costume, a whimsical fairy tale costume, or even a magnificent superhero. A girl can be anything she wants to be!

 Luxury Princess Dress for Elsa Costumes with Shining Long Cap Girls Birthday Party 5T 6TCheck Price aibeiboutique Princess Anna Costume Halloween Cosplay Deluxe Dress Up for Girls (Blue, 2-3 Years)Check Price Costumes USA Light-Up Captain Marvel Halloween Costume for Girls, Superhero Jumpsuit, Medium, Dress Size 8-10Check Price CISMARK Butterfly Wings Shawl Halloween Cloak with Butterfly headband, Fairy Ladies Cape Nymph Pixie Costume(blue/green,4pcs/set)Check Price Astrid Classic How to Train Your Dragon Child CostumeCheck Price Godzilla King of The Monsters Child CostumeCheck Price

Awesome Girls Costumes from Movies Released Prior to 2019

The movies released in 2018 brought us more great Halloween costumes for girls!  Topping the selections are the costumes from the ever popular Marvel Avengers: Infinity War Movie.  Because so many of the Avengers were included in that movie, girls have a choice between Black Widow, Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff), Shuri or Gamora.  Unfortunately, there is not a Scarlet Witch costume made for girls, therefore we have included the adult costume in the x-small size for your consideration.

 Rubies Marvel Comics Collection: Deluxe Black WidowCheck Price CG Costume Women’s Scarlet Witch Cosplay Costume XSmallCheck Price Rubie’s Girls Black Panther Deluxe Shuri CostumeCheck Price Rubie’s CostumeDeluxe Child’s Gamora Costume, MulticolorCheck Price


In addition to the Avengers, Ant-Man and The Wasp also brought us a new great costume and so did Disney Pixar Incredibles 2 movie with a choice for Violet costumes.

 Disney The Incredibles Violet Classic Girls Costume, Small /4-6xCheck Price Violet Tween Costume, X-Large (14-16)Check Price Rubie’s Ant-Man Girl’s Wasp Costume, MediumCheck Price

Now let’s step away from the theater and take a look at a few more really great costumes this year for girls that did not originate from movies. However, we are including the Descendants costumes here since Halloween Haven knows how many girls love that show.

 Seasons Direct Halloween Girl’s Rainbow Unicorn Costume with Wing and HeadpieceCheck Price Disney Uma Classic Descendants 2 Costume, TealCheck Price Fun World Costumes Baby Girl’s Sweet Raccoon Toddler Costume, Black/GreyCheck Price Dream Catcher Cutie Child CostumeCheck Price


With the release of the new “Wonder Woman” movie in 2017, as well as the “Justice League” movie, Wonder Woman will hands down be the #1 girls costume for this year. All girls would like to feel as if they could overcome any evil in the world. Therefore, they will enjoy being Wonder Woman themselves. It is likely girls will wish to wear this costume more than once, so I recommend buying a durable costume that can survive being washed lots of times.

 Super DC Heroes Wonder Woman Child’s CostumeCheck Price Imagine by Rubies Wonder Woman Deluxe Dress-Up CostumeCheck Price Rubies DC Super Heroes Collection Deluxe Wonder Woman CostumeCheck Price



Poplar Halloween Costumes from Movies

The most popular costumes from movies usually change each year and there are some truly awesome new costumes related to new movie releases in 2017 – 2019.  However, there were a few children’s movies released in 2016 and prior years, that are just a popular today.  Those movies, and the costumes, have not taken a backseat to newer releases.

Halloween Costumes from Movies

“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” was released in 2017, but Rey is sure to be a favorite regardless. The newly released photos show Rey ready for Jedi training. You may opt for last years costume, or make your own in the likeness of the 2017 movie.

Rey is wearing cargo style pants, a sleeveless v-neck top (similar to the one featured below), and a brown utility belt. The most important part of this “assemble your own” Rey costume would be the light saber. Be sure you include the cool light saber!

 Star Wars: The Force Awakens Rey (Starkiller Base)Check Price GUBERRY Ruched Tops for Women V Neck Sleeveless Slim Fit Wrap Tank Shirt Blouse WhiteCheck Price REY BELT + SIDEBAG SET TFA Star Wars Costume pouch side bag knapsack (Small)Check Price

 Star Wars: The Force Awakens Child’s Rey CostumeCheck Price

Another new movie in 2017 was the remake of the always popular “Beauty and the Beast”

 Little Adventures Traditional Yellow Beauty Girls Princess CostumeCheck Price

In 2016, Star Trek Beyond brought Uhura back into focus, while the Suicide Squad reminded us of Harley Quinn.  There was one new Star Trek character that made a huge impression on audiences and I have no doubt that fans will want to dress like Jaylah.  However, the Jaylah cosplay costumes are pretty expensive therefore we recommend assembling your own Jaylah costume with faded jeans and a square neck fitted top similar to to one we have featured below.  The important thing for a Jaylah costume is the face paint.  It will be the focus of the costume regardless!

 PattyBoutik Women’s Bolero Button Long Sleeve Blouse (Dark Gray M)Check Price


Still Poplar Halloween Costumes from Movies Released in Previous Years

These costumes, just like the movies, have not yet taken a backseat to the latest releases. They may well become some of the new “traditional” costumes for Halloween in years to come.

 Star Trek Movie Child’s Deluxe Red Dress with Emblem PinCheck Price DC Super Villain Collection Harley Quinn Girl’s Costume with Tutu DressCheck Price


Traditional Halloween Costumes with a New Twist

Witches and Bats have always been popular on Halloween.  This year, there are a few witch and bat costumes with a new twist that are not quite as scary as the characters of the past.  These sweet girls could easily trick you right out of you Halloween candy by casting their adorable spell on you.

 Story Book Witch CostumeCheck Price Halloween Cosplay Costume Girls Purple Bat Princess CostumeCheck Price



Halloween Costumes Inspired by Dolls

Little girls are still fascinated by dolls.  They love to dress up like their favorite doll, especially for Halloween.  Here are a few current day dolls and matching Halloween costumes that are simply awesome.

 Forum Novelties Kids Dark Rag Doll Costume, BlackCheck Price Rubies Monster High Fright Camera Action Draculaura CostumeCheck Price Lalaloopsy Deluxe Spot Spatter Splash CostumeCheck Price



Just Plain Fun Halloween Costumes for Girls

There are always girls who just want to have fun with unique costumes.  These costumes may not be the most popular, but they are the costumes selected by girls who enjoy creativity and individual style.

 Peacock Costume, MediumCheck Price Pokemon Child’s Pikachu Costume Dress, MediumCheck Price Fun World Funky Punk Bones Child’s Costume Medium (8-10)Check Price


Regardless of your costume choice, have a
Safe and Happy Halloween!



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