Movie Couples Costumes for Halloween

How much fun would it be for you and your significant other to dress in famous movie characters costumes for a Halloween party this year? A lot in my book. It is just somehow more fun and you get noticed when the two of you dress as a couple. Finding costumes for couples that are movie inspired just became a whole lot more easy. Check out the cast we have rounded up…

Top Gun Movie Characters

Top Gun is a movie most everyone recognizes. Maybe you’ve always pictured yourself in Tom Cruise’s shoes or an intelligent Astrophysics instructor at the Navy Top Gun fighter school like Kelly McGillis.

So, get into character with these fun costumes! I bet everyone at the party will know immediately who you are impersonating.

 Secret Wishes US Navy Top Gun Flight Dress, Green Khaki, MediumCheck Price Top Gun Secret Wishes Flight Suit, Green Khaki, X-Large CostumeCheck Price


Saturday Night Fever Characters

Again, this is a very distinctive look. Everyone will know you are Tony (John Travolta) and either Annette or Stephanie, one of his dance partners. Disco is alive and Tony is the king of the dance floor.

Practice your moves and get into character. You can even do a little diddy on the dance floor (or center of the room) to wow the guests and sell your alter ego costumes. This is definitely a fun costume couple and one that your friends will remember long after Halloween is over.

Make an impression with costumes from Saturday Night Fever.

 California Costumes Men’s Saturday Night Fever Costume, White/Black, LargeCheck Price California Costumes Women’s Disco Diva Costume, As Shown, Large (10-12)Check Price


Star Wars Character Costumes

With 3 sequels and the 3 prequals, Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker from the original “Star Wars” movie are still the most recognizable characters, universally. There are lots of choices of costumes from the movies but if you walk in dressed as these two, there will be no doubt in anyone’s mind that you are “Star Wars” characters.

Princess Leia is offered in ladies, plus and children’s sizes as well as dressed as the slave from the “Return of the Jedi” movie. That’s one sexy outfit… However, the white dress below is iconic and won’t be mistaken for any other character.

Luke Skywalker is the hero of the 3 sequels that follow his progression to ultimately beating the Empire and becoming a full fledged Jedi. Luke and his lightsaber are instantly recognizable and a fun costume for Halloween.

 Secret Wishes Women’s Sexy Princess Leia Costume, White, M (6-10)Check Price Rubie’s Costume Star Wars A New Hope Deluxe Luke Skywalker, White, One Size CostumeCheck Price


 The Fun of Couples Costumes

My husband and I have dressed in complementary costumes in the past and had a blast doing it. Here are a few of our costume choices:

  • Sherrif Matt Dillon and Miss Kitty (Gunsmoke characters for you younger folks)
  • The Joker and Catwoman
  • Snow White and the Prince
  • Superman (Clark Kent) and Lois Lane

We always got wonderful compliments and even won a contest or two for best couples costume.

This year, think about all the couples costume possibilities out there and choose one for you and your sweetie — scary, funny, famous characters or famous people — doesn’t matter. Whatever fits your personality or a character you’ve always loved. You can find two, then dress up as a couple.

Oh, and take lots of pictures!

Don’t forget to check out our recommendations for children’s group costumes and adults group costumes. Make this year the best!

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  1. Susan says:

    Since Star Wars is one of my all time favorites, I would absolutely have to be Princess Leia, but I might fit better in a Yoda costume. Great suggestions for couples Halloween costumes. No couple could lose with a set of these classic figures.

  2. Dressing in “matching” costumes has been something my husband and I have definitely enjoyed over the years. Now I have to say, we have never gone as “Top Gun” characters. That would be a lot of fun! I can easily see my sweetheart dressed in a flight suit 😀

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