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T-shirt costumesT-shirts Instead of a Full Costume

Halloween t-shirts are a very easy costume.  Let’s face it, some years we just don’t have the time or energy required to dress up on Halloween.  There is absolutely no need to be a “quick change artist” on those years when we simply don’t have a lot of time.  Plus, sometimes we just cannot find the right Halloween costume, or a costume that reflects our own unique personality, but we still want to celebrate with everyone else.

The right t-shirt can be worn in place of a costume and we can feel “in the spirit” and still be comfortable as we hand out candy to our trick or treaters or attend a casual party of friends.

Because these are t-shirts, you could even wear them under your normal work or school clothes during the day, which would allow you to simply remove the top layer of clothes in order to be “in costume” for the Halloween festivities.

Let me show you what I mean.


Dress Like Charlie Brown with this Great Halloween T-shirt

Simply wear this great t-shirt with your dark jeans or slacks and you too can be Charlie Brown.

 Custom Kingdom Mens Peanuts Charlie Brown T-ShirtCheck Price


Tuxedo Shirts

We have all seen our share of tuxedo shirts, but I couldn’t help but think how cute these tuxedo shirts would be for the new bride and groom.  Obviously, these shirts looks great with jeans or black slacks!

Oh, and you don’t have to have a bride or groom to wear a tux.  Whether you are a couple or a single, the tuxedo shirts are pretty cool.

 High Class Tuxedo Black Adult T-Shirt – LargeCheck Price Fresh Tees® Women’s Black And White Tuxedo With Bowtie (Small, Black)Check Price


Skeleton with a Guitar T-shirt

Definitely one of my favorites, how about you?  The best thing about this shirt, it can be worn year round just for fun, but it is totally perfect for a quick and easy Halloween costume t-shirt. The guitar playing skeleton will no doubt be the hit of any party.

 Guitar T-shirt Boney’s Riff Ribcage Skeleton RockerCheck Price


Star Trek Command Halloween T-shirts

These Star Trek shirts are so awesome and realistic!  It may well appear as if you went to a lot of trouble to don a Halloween costume when all you actually need to do is to throw them on with a pair of black slacks.  You’ll be completely ready to go anywhere for Halloween in warp speed!

These shirts are available in Men’s and Women’s sizes

 Star Trek Command Uniform T-Shirt – Multiple Sizes AvailableCheck Price Command Red Paneled Uniform — Star Trek: The Next Generation T-Shirt, SmallCheck Price Star Trek USS Enterprise Security & Engineering Crew Scotty Uniform T-ShirtCheck Price


Meet Me in the Comics Section!

Everybody loves the comics and we all have our own personal favorite character.  With these t-shirts, you can transform yourself quickly into your favorite superhero or villain from the comics.   There are actually quite a few Comic t-shirt costumes.  The t-shirts featured here are simply some of my favorites.  They are all “super”, but that Clark Kent t-shirt is totally fabulous.

 DC Comics The Joker Batman Dark Knight Costume Tee T-Shirt ShirtCheck Price DC Comics Superman Costume T-Shirt With Cape, BlueCheck Price Superman Shirt and Tie DC Comics I’m Superman T Shirt & StickersCheck Price Wonder Woman – V-Neck Costume Tee with CapeCheck Price Spider-Man Far from Home Short Sleeve Men’s Compression Shirt 3D Print T-Shirt (Large, Red)Check Price


Now If You Want to Go A Bit Fancier, But Still Be Comfortable, You Might Prefer These Shirts


Zombie Shirt

For a really quick costume, this shredded shirt is would be perfect.  Just throw it on over a black t-shirt and slacks.  With or without makeup, you’ll look pretty creepy.  Of course, it might be hard to tell if you are a zombie or a ghost, but it is still really awesome.

 Men’s Zombie Shirt Costume, Gray, One SizeCheck Price


Be Groovy in this Halter Ruffle Top

Slip into a quick style from decades past with this groovy tie-dyed halter top.  This is a costume that really would be easier and take less time to prepare than we spend getting dressed each day.  And, definitely a lot less time than we would normally need to put on a costume, but still be quite fabulous.

The top is shown here with jeans and accessories, but of course, they are not included.

 Forum Novelties Women’s 60’s Hippie Revolution Ruffle Top Halter Blouse, Multi, StandardCheck Price


You Could Be Stylin’ with this Dynomite Dude Disco Shirt

Need I say more? 

This shirt would be fun in more ways than one.  First, it makes a great costume.  Second, you will be ready to dance the night away in this “dynomite dude” disco shirt!   No doubt, every girl in the place will want to touch the shiny shirt just to see how it feels.  And, the pattern will drive them wild.

 Forum Novelties Men’s 70’s Disco Dynamite Dude Costume Shirt, Purple/Gold/Blue, StandardCheck Price


Perhaps a Pirate Shirt Would Please You

Becoming a pirate truly takes only a minute or two.  These ruffled poet shirts make it fast and easy.  You may want to add a pirate hat or eye patch, but they really aren’t necessary.  The poet’s blouse is enough.  Plus, a female could easily wear her shirt all day with white ties without anyone questioning her attire.   Then, simply change the ties back to black for the Halloween party.

Btw, these shirts would make great couples costumes!

The poet’s blouses are shown here with black slacks and accessories which are not included.

 Pirate Buccaneer Female White Fancy Dress Shirt (US 8-10)Check Price Medieval Poet’s Pirate Shirt Costume [White] (XX-Large)Check Price


Easy Costumes for Halloween

These shirts were all selected to be featured on Halloween Haven simply because they would be fast and easy to pull on, or wear under day time clothes, so you will be ready to celebrate Halloween in style.  Any of them would work well with jeans or black slacks.  No make-up would be required and few, if any accessories would be needed to prepare for a fun Halloween party or handing out treats.


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