Halloween Party Planning: Ghoulish Invitations

Halloween-Party-Planning-GhIf you are planning a spooky or haunted Halloween party, one of these ghoulish invitations is a great way to invite your guests. Setting the tone for your party is easy when you choose the right invitations.

Ghoulish Party Invitations

Preparing for a traditional scary, or spooky Halloween party means you want the right invitations. Cute pumpkins or smiley faced bats are surely not what you want to set the tone for your party. Instead, you want invites with skulls, rats or ravens. These are just a few of my favorites that set that ghoulish tone for my parties.


Get Party Planning Ideas from Your Invitations

Making use of the designs from my invitations is one of the ways that I use to help with my Halloween party planning. Look at the invitations for color schemes for your decor. See the little extras that are included in the images. For example, if you choose the skull invitation above, add a few skulls around your decor and on your buffet table. Rats are not always appealing around food, but for a Halloween party, they make perfect additions. Especially if you add Eyeball Deviled Eggs to your buffet table.

Add Your Party Details Right Online

With these invitations, adding your own party details is easy. Just type them into the provided fields and you are set to go. No more hand-writing each invitation. That’s a relief. Plus, you order only the number you need with no extras left over to deal with. My invitations for my annual Halloween party always get lots of compliments and requests for where I found them. Using Zazzle.com to pick your invitations means you have available all the talented artists that display their work.

Not only easy, affordable and beautiful, these invitations will set the right tone for your Halloween party. So go ahead and plan your ghoulish or scary party. The fun of celebrating Halloween in style will be yours and your guests.